Chapter 1383 Because You Are Good Looking

When Jin Fengchen walked out of the office, he saw Jiang Sese sitting at her desk and diligently reading the documents.

She was concentrating so much that she did not notice him.


Knock, knock!

Jin Fengchen tapped his finger on the table lightly.

Jiang Sese raised her head and saw that it was him, and a bright smile slowly bloomed on her face.

“Why are you here? Are you done with work?”

Jin Fengchen raised his hand and pointed to his wristwatch. “It's noon.”

“Really?” Jiang Sese immediately glanced at the time at the bottom-right corner of the computer display.


It was really past noon.

She smiled helplessly. “I haven't concentrated so seriously in such a long time that I forgot to check the time.”

“Lunch?” asked Jin Fengchen.


Jiang Sese stood up and picked up and slung her handbag on her shoulder.

Upon seeing this, Jin Fengchen said with a smile, “We’re just going to the office cafeteria, no need to bring your handbag.”


Jiang Sese ob
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