Chapter 1382 Help Out At The Company

Jiang Sese and the others only got home in the evening.

Just as the car pulled up in the yard, Jin Fengchen's car also slowly pulled up beside them.

Jiang Sese got out of the car and stepped forward to take the suit jacket from his hand. “You’re home early today!”

“There were relatively fewer things to do today.” Jin Fengchen shut the car door with the back of his hand and stared at her deeply.

Jiang Sese smiled slightly. “We went shopping today and bought a lot of clothes for the children.”

“Are you tired?”

“A little.” Jiang Sese did not notice the inadvertent hint of coquettishness in her own voice.

Jin Fengchen’s heart trembled faintly, and he could not help but lean forward and plant a soft kiss on her forehead.

He then lowered her eyes and looked into her slightly surprised eyes, the corners of his mouth slowly curling into a smile. “Are you still tired?”

His voice was low and deep with a hint of hoarseness, like a fine wine that had been aged for a long time; it was mell
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