Chapter 1385 I Have A Plan To Save Her

“There is nothing you can do, but I can.” The Old Lady exclaimed angrily, “I will go meet with Jin Fengchen and ask him to let Yuanyuan go.”

Shangguan Qian did not expect that this was her plan.

The fact was that going to Jin Fengchen now would have no effect.

“Grandma, there is no need to torment yourself. The Jin family promising to drop the charges was already the biggest concession,” persuaded Shangguan Qian.

“The biggest concession?” The Old Lady snorted coldly, “They are ungrateful! If Yuanyuan hadn't saved Jin Fengchen, could their family be reunited?”

“Grandma, you are misquoting the facts here.”

Even though this was his grandmother, Shangguan Qian could not take it anymore.

“Who’s misquoting the facts?” asked the Old Lady sharply.

“Indeed, It was Yuanyuan who rescued Jin Fengchen at first but she also caused him to lose his memories, hid him away, and prevented him from going home and reuniting with his family.”

“I don't care, the Jin family is ungrateful!”

The Old L
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