Chapter 1549 Dying Struggles

When Su Qingyin saw the news, she also panicked.

She called Crimmings quickly, but no matter how many times she called, she could not get through.

She held her mobile phone tightly in her hand. Seeing that the situation in China was so bad, how can she solve the present predicament?

She could not just sit back and wait!

Therefore, she called several subordinates who Crimmings had left in the country.

"Did he say anything before going abroad?" Su Qingyin stared at them and asked.

The subordinates shook their heads and said no.

"Do you have any way to contact him?" She asked.

"We can't contact him for the time being."

They were in the same situation as Su Qingyin, they could not contact Crimmings.

Su Qingyin had a solemn look as she thought about it. "We’ll do this then. I’ll go abroad too. Keep an eye on the domestic situation and report to me as soon as there are any new developments."


After Su Qingyin arrived abroad, she realized that things were far more serious th
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