Chapter 1556 Struggling On His Deathbed

Bo Gelian remained unmoved.

Lisa knew that, in his heart, she was no different compared to a stranger, and did not even receive the slightest bit of affection.

She was unreconciled!

She was obviously ten times better than b*tch, Jiang Sese. Even a hundred times, a thousand times better, but he still chose that b*tch!

A trace of sullenness flashed across her eyes.

He could only belong to her!

She took a deep breath and suppressed the bitterness in her heart. "You are such a cruel person. What's funny is that I still care about you, and even specially brought some medicine for you.”

As she said this, she took out a bottle of medicine from her bag and placed it on the bedside table/ "This is the medicine developed by the first research lab you took me to when we got married.

"You initially said you wanted to bring it to the market together." Recalling the past, Lisa looked fleetingly sad, then laughed at herself. "Unfortunately, it’s not possible now."

Bo Gelian looked at the bot
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