Chapter 242 Have a Death Wish

Su Qingyin was so mad that her face turned blue. She smashed her phone on the ground.

After hanging up, Kevin couldn't get the image out of his head of himself back in the old days.

Back then, he had been falsely accused of being a plagiarist.

At that time, he wasn't as lucky as Jiang Sese was, nor did he have any means to prove his own innocence.

People in his line of work knew perfectly well that once one was deemed a plagiarist, they would never be able to turn their reputation around.

He smiled bitterly, recalling that thanks to his talent, he had met a patron, who backed him up.

Had that not been the case, he would still be living a miserable life in some dark corner.

He had gone through all sorts of hardships and difficulties and finally came out on the other end to clear his name of being a plagiarist. Even so, it still left a mark on him.

Once hurt, a person would want to treat their life as a game when they had money, so as to cover up the shadow in their heart.

He ke
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