Chapter 241 Humiliated in Public

Obviously, anger had that effect on Jiang Sese.

Next to her, Su Shan looked at her anxiously. She waited for a long while before gingerly asking Jiang Sese, "I know that you're a discreet person and wouldn't let other people handle such an important file. So how did this happen?"

Jiang Sese shook her head. She had racked her brains, but still couldn't come up with an answer.

"When did Su Qingyin steal my marketing plan?"

Su Shan seemed to realize how nervous and angry Jiang Sese was, so she calmed herself down and said, "You and Su Qingyin hardly ever cross paths, so I think we probably have a mole in our company."

Jiang Sese pondered for a while. She had indeed worked that plan out independently.

But on the last day, she communicated about and discussed it with her coworkers and had even taken some good advice and made some alterations.

Her face noticeably darkened. Su Shan said, "After we go back, we'll have to run a thorough investigation. If there really is a mole among us,
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