Chapter 294 She Has to Move Out

Su Qingyin and her mother stormed off before finishing their dinner.

"Uncle, Aunt, I'm sorry to have brought you all this trouble."

Standing there with her head lowered, Jiang Sese held her hands out in front of her, flustered and filled with guilt.

"It wasn't your fault. You don't have to apologize to us," said Mr. Jin, trying to comfort her.

Mrs. Jin chimed in. "That's right. You did nothing wrong. It was Qingyin's fault."

At the mention of that name, Mrs. Jin heaved a heavy sigh. "I never thought Qingyin would turn into such a person."

"People change." Mr. Jin patted his wife on the shoulder, comforting her.

Seeing that Jiang Sese was still standing here, he said with a smile. "Sese, sit back down and finish your dinner. Don't let what happened get to you."

Hearing that, Jiang Sese looked up and saw the kind smile on Mr. Jin's face. Her nose twitched and she almost burst into tears.

"Thank you, Uncle, Aunt."

Her voice was choked with emotion.

Mrs. and Mr. Jin exchanged a
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Wilma Tielak
Ch 181 quinyin already told sese that she knows her past and about the baby. In ch 223 quinyin told mrs jin about sese past. So why in this chapter all acting like nobody knows. I have no respect for this author.

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