Chapter 293 I Heard That You've Given Birth Before

Su Qingyin approached her and held her arm in an intimate manner before asking in a concerned tone. "Miss Jiang, have you recovered from your injuries yet?"


Jiang Sese pulled her arm back awkwardly; the way that Su Qingyin behaved made her feel uneasy.

She couldn't help but feel that the woman was up to something.

A grim look flickered in Su Qingyin's eyes, and the smile on her face grew wider. "I'm glad to hear that; I've been worried about you."

"Thank you for your concern."

Jiang Sese didn't want to continue this conversation, so she turned to Mrs. Jin and changed the subject. "Aunt, Fengchen said he had to work late tonight and won't be able to come home for dinner."

Mrs. Jin frowned when she heard that. "Why does he have so much work all the time?"

Because Jiang Sese lived here, Jin Fengchen had been coming home for dinner every day recently. Even Jin Fengyao, who was seldom seen at home, would tag along, making the atmosphere at home much livelier.

The sudden abse
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