Chapter 517 Turning Over in Her Grave

Just when Jiang Sese thought that Jin Fengchen was going to do something to her, he paused and his hands stopped moving.

"There's lipstick on the side of your lips."

After he finished speaking, he was ready to leave.

Jiang Sese was left behind as she stood in the same place, feeling confused.

She had initially thought that Jin Fengchen wanted to... wanted to kiss her...

How embarrassing...

Looking at Jiang Sese's flushed cheeks, Jin Fengchen could not contain his laughter.

He then turned around and walked to Jiang Sese's side, raised her chin, and kissed her dark-red lips.

After a long while, he finally let go of her.

"You... Why did you..."

Jiang Sese bashfully snuggled up in Jin Fengchen's embrace.

Why was this person like this...

"Isn't that what you were thinking in your mind just now? I was merely granting your wish," Jin Fengchen said in a rather roguish manner.

Hearing this, Jiang Sese hit his chest and quickly walked away.

In response, Jin Fengchen smiled as he ch
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