Chapter 522 Absent-Minded

The car gradually drove out of the city and slowly came to a stop outside a villa.

The old man liked quiet places, so after his retirement, he didn't live with his family in their house downtown.

Instead, he bought a villa with an advanced security system in the suburbs.

Some of his old friends were living in this area as well, and they would often get together to play chess and drink tea.

Although the old man no longer troubled himself with worldly affairs, it didn't change the fact that he was still an influential figure.

Jin Fengchen walked up to the front gate.


The guard stopped him in time.

But he soon recognized Jin Fengchen. "You're the old master's grandson, aren't you? Please come in."

Jin Fengchen greeted him with a nod and asked, "Is my grandfather in bed?"

Old master Qin was a prominent figure in his youth. Although he was retired now, he was still well-respected.

The guard had met Jin Fengchen a few times before and knew that Old Master Qin adored this g
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