Chapter 597 Father and Son Echoing Each Other

Xiaobao jumped out of the black Maybach and ran up to Jiang Sese with a sweet smile.

Not even knowing why herself, Jiang Sese turned back and held Xiaobao in her arms. "Slow down, baby," she said.

After throwing himself into Jiang Sese's arms, Xiaobao smiled proudly and shouted to Jin Fengchen, "Daddy!"

It was not until then that Jiang Sese realized she had responded when Xiaobao called her mommy.

With them standing together, it was easy for others to mistake them for a family of three.

"I have to go," she said.

She let go of Xiaobao and tried to leave.

The moment she felt someone pulling at her sleeves, she looked down, only to see Xiaobao with a hurt look on his face.

With one hand pulling on her clothes, Xiaobao covered his belly with the other.

"I'm hungry, Mommy. Could you please go to dinner with me?" he said in a pitiful tone.

Jiang Sese looked hesitant upon hearing the words.

She didn't know why, but she found it difficult to refuse Xiaobao. It broke her heart to see
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If this book gets a movie deal Xiaobao should get best actor. I just love his character. Jim Fengchen go get your woman you went through too much to let that deceptive man take her.

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