Chapter 620 Overly Suspicious

After Jiang Sese heard Fu Jingyun's accusation, her face instantly turned unsightly.

She could not bear Fu Jingyun's capricious mocking tone, as if what she was doing at the hospital was some despicable act.

Although Xiaobao was Jin Fengchen's child, Jiang Sese had not intermixed her feelings toward him.

“Is it me who had changed, or are you overly suspicious?” Her tone of voice suddenly dropped a few degrees.

“Am I?” Fu Jingyun's expression sank, his initial irritation turning into rage.

Jiang Sese frowned, “Aren’t you? I felt sorry for Xiaobao, who's staying all alone at the hospital and I just offered to help. Tiantian knew that I was at the hospital; I spoke to her on the phone just before she went to bed. I did not neglect her as you claimed. Do you have to make mountains out of molehills? Tiantian still has Mother and Father with her at home, but Xiaobao is all alone. How could you be so cruel? Can’t you even have mercy on a child?”

Fu Jingyun heard Jiang Sese's cold tone,
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