Chapter 625 The Boss Is Really Something Else

Time flew by as they were playing and the two children finally felt hungry. Jin Fengchen helped each of them up and took them to the dining room.

Although there were only three of them, the meal was extremely sumptuous.

The dining table was filled with bowls of congee for the children, apples, potato curry, three to five dishes of vegetables, fried chicken, and fries.

Tiantian cheered and was about to dig into it when the plate of fried chicken was lifted up beyond her reach by Jin Fengchen.

He smiled and pointed to his cheek, “Give Daddy a kiss, then I’ll give you a piece.”

Xiaobao also greedily exclaimed that he wanted one too. Both of them planted a kiss each on him. Jin Fengchen’s face was covered in saliva, leaving him dumbfounded.

The two siblings squabbled loudly during their meal. Jin Fengchen did not deter them and only stared at them with a fatherly smile.

After the meal, the two of them continued playing vigorously until almost ten o'clock. Finally, they were too tuck
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Andrina Nestor
Love this book.. Can't wait for the next chapter

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