Chapter 622 As Long As Mommy Agrees

Tiantian got a little excited and clasped Jin Fengchen's neck tightly. “Oh yeah! Tiantian wants the four of us to be together!”

Kids may say the darndest things, but everyone listening was a stakeholder.

The two adults present were taken aback. Jiang Sese did not expect that Tiantian would say such things.

The atmosphere turned quiet for a moment, then Jin Fengchen regained his senses and replied, “Okay, as long as Mommy agrees, our family can be together.”

Tiantian stared at Jiang Sese with expectant eyes. She pleaded coquettishly, “Mummy!”

Watchin all three of them stare at her with hope in their eyes, Jiang Sese could not help but feel a little uncomfortable.

“That’s enough, Tiantian. Stop causing trouble and come down quickly. Uncle Jin still has work to do.”

Avoiding the topic, Jiang Sese took Tiantian from Jin Fengchen's arms.

Seeing that she was dodging the topic, Jin Fengchen did not pursue the question again.

He then said, “I need to talk to Xiaobao's doctor. Please t
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