Chapter 659 Would He Not Be Jealous?

His voice was low and hoarse. “Let me hug for a while. I won’t do anything else.”

Jiang Sese pursed her lips, and finally, she dropped her raised hand.

‘Forget it, just leave him be.’

At this very moment, in another ward, the elderly and the young were still chatting.

They obviously were not on the same channel, but nevertheless, they chatted happily.

Fu Jingyun’s mind was wandering and kept staring at the door. Getting water would take a few minutes at most. Why was she gone for so long?

It was impossible to lose one’s way in the hospital.

After sitting there for a while, he could not wait any longer. He stood up and said to Madam Fu, “Mother, I’m going outside to make a call.”

Madam Fu glanced at him and smiled. Her eyes were full of understanding.

This son of hers was giving random excuses just to find her daughter-in-law.

Did he not think that she could not see it? He almost bore a hole through the door with his stare.

“Alright, go ahead. I have Tiantian to accompany me,
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Tameka D. Davis
I’m wondering if next chapter will be when she learns that He is her son

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