Chapter 934 Regretted His Past Actions

“These are Fang Group's financial situation over the past few years. Please take a look.”

After he was done distributing, Fang Yuchen returned to his seat and stood there, calmly observing everyone.

Everyone browsed the documents.

Old Man Fang took a few glances, then set the documents down. “Ah Chen, why have you prepared these?”

Fang Yuchen smiled. “I just want everyone to understand the Fang Group’s situation better, and understand that the Fang Group is in not as good a shape as everyone thought.”

Someone immediately expressed their dissatisfaction. “Are you saying that the Chairman has not been managing the company well? Preposterous. If not for the Chairman, the Fang Group would not be where it is today.”

The person who spoke was Fang Cheng. After reprimanding Fang Yuchen, he turned to Old Man Fang “Father, Ah Chen is young and doesn’t know his place. Do not be angry.”

Old Man Fang glared at him, then said in a deep voice, “Ah Chen is right. The Fang Group has indeed been
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