Chapter 938 Not Good People

“Grandpa is still undergoing surgery, and you’re out here bickering. If this were to get out, the both of you would be regarded as unfilial.”

Fang Yuchen glared at them icily, his face dark.

“Yuchen, how can you say that? Who’s being unfilial?” Lin Lan blurted out unhappily.

“Enough, Lin Lan. We are where we are now, so let’s all calm down. We’ll talk about this when Dad is out.”

Fang Teng could not help but step in. He sighed before saying, “No matter what the truth is, we must respect Dad’s wishes.”

Even though they were unhappy, Lin Lan and the others finally kept their mouths shut.

Some things did not need to be rushed, lest it trigger a backlash.

Fang Yiming stared at the door to the operation theater, his eyes full of malice.

“Why are people so different?”

Seeing the Fang family finally quiet down, Jiang Sese could not help but lament softly.

Jin Fengchen arched his eyebrows. “How do you mean?”

Jiang Sese turned to look at him and took a deep breath. “The Ji
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