Chapter 937 Hostilities

When they arrived at the hospital, Jiang Sese saw that her uncles were all there.

Everybody had solemn expressions on their face, but she knew that some of them were not necessarily worried for the old man in the operating theater.

“Sese, you’re here.” Shang Ying rushed over to greet her.


Shang Ying’s eyes were red from crying. She wiped her tears as she said, “Thank you for coming. Your grandfather is still inside. We’re not sure if he will pull through.”

“Grandpa is a man blessed with fortune. He will definitely pull through.”

Jiang Sese held Shang Ying’s hand tightly. They could only comfort each other in this moment where they could not do anything.

While the operation was still ongoing, every member of the Fang family waited outside. Nobody spoke and the atmosphere was somber.

Suddenly, a shrill voice was heard.

“Fang Cheng, what kind of man are you? If you’re not going to say it, I will.”

The one who spoke was Lin Lan, Jiang Sese’s eldest aunty.

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