Chapter 953 Oath

The spacious meeting room was silent, and the mood was suppressed.

Jin Fengchen sat there wordlessly. However, his imposing aura was still palpable.

Even the directors who had seen it all were full of apprehension.

Fang Yuchen looked around him before he cleared his throat lightly. “Everybody, Chairman Jin is here to attend our meeting today. If any of you have any opinions on the matter, you may speak now.”

The directors all looked at each other before they lowered their heads and kept quiet.

Fang Yiming smiled cynically when he saw this. What a bunch of useless old farts.

He turned to look at Fang Cheng, who caught his meaning and stood.

“Yuchen, this is a meeting of the Fang Group. It will involve our trade secrets. Would it not be inappropriate for Chairman Jin to participate?”

Fang Yanxin looked at Fang Yanming and smiled. “Eldest Uncle, aren’t you being a little bit inappropriate? Chairman Jin is basically family.”

Fang Cheng and Fang Yiming could not expect that
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