Chapter 957 Pay Dearly

Fang Yuchen smiled. “Are you two…”

He chose his words carefully, “Are you two available right now?”

Jiang Sese nodded. “Yes.”

“Then come with me, I would like you to meet someone.”

Fang Yuchen then turned around.

“Let's head over too,” said Jiang Sese.

Jin Fengchen turned to look. He saw Fang Yuchen walk toward a man, say something to him, and the two looked over at them simultaneously.

“Fengchen, what’s wrong?” asked Jiang Sese when she saw that he stopped moving.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go over,” said Jin Fengchen as he took her hand.


Seeing Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese approaching, Shangguan Qian straightened his tie. When they reached him, he extended his right hand. “Chairman Jin, I’m Shangguan Qian.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jin Fengchen shook his hand.

“Hello, Missus Jin.” Shangguan Qian nodded toward Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese responded with a generous smile. “Nice to meet you.”

“Mister Shangguan is the host of tonight’s charity banquet. The Shangguan family and the
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