He is a flirt,I'm hurt


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour


(Ulan department...)

She wakes to the sound of an alarm blaring to her at six pm. She pushed everything aside from on bed,she worked late last night searching everything about The Das.

She sprung up on her feet and went to her bathroom,she sprankle water on her face and cleaned with the towel.

Heading to her dressing room she put on a black sweat pants and a blue one with a touch of black snickers with black tank armless top.

She headed out with a face towel in her hand.

Getting to the estate field she started jogging round with headphones plugged in her ear.

The family of the Das has two kids

Luci in our department I don't think she can be involved in any evil with her simple lifestyle.

Coming to work and her modeling profession aside that her remaining life is thinking about Micheal and going to clubs, wondering how I know? I discovered it a long time ago but I just confirmed it two weeks ago.

Then her brother Hardin! He is the heir but something smells creepy about them jeez! Just why will I be a secret agent to the Das?" She fell to the ground breathing heavily.

Seriously I felt strange when I have not even started working on it yet it's fucking annoying!" She spat and headed back to her apartment.


"Good morning everyone!" Ulan annonce immediately she stepped in.

She met only Micheal in front of his computer.

"Good morning boss!" She is great again going to her table.

"Hey Ulan, how was your night?" He asked, still not taking his eyes off the system.

Okay that's creepy!, Ulan thought.

"Fine thanks,'' she replied reluctantly.

She went to her seat and saw a lot of work on her table waiting to be touched.

"What the hell! Did demons break off from hell committing crimes?" She spat out involuntarily.

Micheal laughed and went to her table looking through the files.

"Well it's better you start early so you can finish early. The boss wants to see you in his office before you go" He patted his shoulder and left for something.

Luci rushed in and giggled before sitting down.

"What are you happy about early in this morning that I found killing?" Ulan asked,tuning on her system removing her snickers.

"Do you check Micheal out this morning he is fucking hot!" She giggled More.

"Gosh! I thought you changed but now I know if you change it only for weather sake" Ulan poked her nose and started operating her system immediately.

"I will grab a cup of coffee! For everyone" she wink and hurried out.

"Hi bess!" Blaine called from the door.

"Sugar lump" Ulan called sweetly, her eyes straining at her system.

"Want some coffee?" He asked, showing her the other cup in his hands.

Micheal walked in and dropped a cup of coffee in her front patting her shoulder and wink at her.

Blaine adjusted himself and hurried out.

"I think I need eyeglasses. '' Ulan smiled and faced her system back.


(Diamond high....)

"Good morning beauty" Trevor said and sat down beside Nora.

"Hey" she replied, bringing out her music note.

"Let me see that" he snatched the book from her hand.

"Stop that!" She stood up running after him for the book.

"Come get me! He wink still running.

"This isn't a joke Trevor gave that back! '' She yelled in frustration.

"Wow cool" Trevor said looking through the book.

"Hey jark!" Nora yelled running to him to collect the book before he would turn further.

"Trevor be serious I'm not joking please give that back!"

"I just want to take a look," He replied.

He was about to turn another page so she ran as fast as his leg could carry and he took to his hills too.

"Are you bent on frustrating my life!" She yelled, still running after him.

"Yes baby promise me you will be my girlfriend and I will give back the book" He said, still running.

"You must be joking to think I will accept this!" She yelled for the last time and eventually stopped running.

"See it for all I care" she said amidst her heavy breath using her hand to flip back her hair behind her ears.

"Jeez! That jark wasted my energy!" She spat before turning back to class.

"Giving up?" Trevor yelled from afar but she didn't even look back.

She was just meters away from the class when her leg slipped making a jump really high and it was obvious that if she landed on the floor she was going to get wounded with a bleeding kneel which will add another week to her healing wound on her waist.

Just when she's about to fall a mighty soft but strong! Flawless but smooth arms caught her from falling on the floor but they got to fall together at least better than worst.

He made sure he had contact with the floor while she was on top of him.

"Hey pretty, are you okay?" His Angelic voice came out like a melody to her ear.

She stood up feeling awkward and embarrassed at same time but nodded her head in reply.

"Thanks" she whispered.

"I didn't do that so you could thank me!" He scoffed and left.

"Who the hell is that hot dude! Sophia asked beside Enuice.

"I don't care he just ruined my plan, I want her to be cripple!" Enuice blurted out.

"Sorry I have to know his class. He is a new student and I will make sure he is mine alone!" Sophia said left.

Trevor who was watching from afar knew whose work it was immediately.

That isn't a play fall she could have twisted her knee really big this time!

"Did you do that?" He demanded with anger written all over his face.

"I don't know!" Enuice replied simply,taking a step to walk on him.

"I'm talking to you, did you do that!" Trevor yelled and pulled her back, almost making her fall down.


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