Under cover agent


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour


(Diamond day)

Nora gets down from the car walking to class as usual, different comments from the students even the news of her being admitted because of what Enuice did to her.

*I heard she was planning it for Enuice but ended up in her plot.

*We all thought She's a saint.

* How can she be so cruel!

*good thing she ended up in her plot.

*I heard she lure Trevor to take her to the hospital.

* She's trying to make him like her.

* She's not only a dump but also a slut.

"Hey, how is your waist?" Trevor asked immediately as he reached her side.

"Can't you just leave me alone huh?" Nora stopped facing him.

"Calm down Nora, you shouldn't mind what the students think of you okay? Deep down there, he pointed toward her.

"You know what you are,not what they think you are" Trevor said and walked away.

"I shouldn't have yelled at him, she whispered and walked to class slowly feeling guilty.

"Leave the road, blind to see I'm coming?" Enuice and her croupe pushed her and she fell.

*Served her right.

* I wished her arms would peel off.

She dusted her dress and stood up walking to the class feeling the pains from her side wound.

(Classroom free period)

Trevor and Nora sat down not talking to each other both minding his or her business.

Trevor plugged in his headphones and closed his eyes while Nora was reading a novel.

"Seriously Enuice you are something I won't believe if someone tells me you did all that" Sophia said.

"It makes me laugh seriously," Kristen said.

"Trust me when I said I always have my way, she a tiny brat can't be an obstacle between me and Trevor" she said.

"Well it does not look so to me here" Sophia said looking at Nora who is stealing glances at Trevor.

Nora keeps stealing glances from him,her mind is not what she's reading at her.

Trevor opened his eyes and caught her staring at him.

Her small cute lips moved but he couldn't hear her so he had to remove his headphones.

"You are saying something?" Trevor said.

"I'm sorry about the way I spoke to you earlier and also thanks for taking me to the hospital yesterday" she said sincerely.

"It's okay,but what if I want something in return, Trevor smirked.

"What do you mean?" She raised her brows.

"I want something in return for taking care of you babe" He replied.

"You sound like a playboy with the way you are speaking right now" she said sincerely.

"Really? Well maybe because I'm one" Trevor replied.

"What do you want? I will do it if it is what I can do" She gulps down into nothing.

"It a simple thing I want you to be my,

"Settle down class, '' the teacher walked in.

"I will tell you later, He whispered to her ear and they both faced the teacher.

(Das Manson...)

Hardin sat down on the couch chatting on his phone with jacinthe

She seems fun to him and he likes it seriously.

"So you love sleeping with your shoe on?" Hardin sent.

"Yes, especially heels, Jacinthe sent.

"What are you doing now?" Hardin sent.

"Just got home, my shift is over?" She sent.

"The fact that you are a jovial doctor is giving chills" Hardin sent.

"Really? What type of chills?" She sent.

"Got to go I will chat with you later" He sent and put off his Mobile data.

He clicked on the picture Jacinthe sent to him earlier and smiled.

His smile was wiped off and replaced with a smirk going online and searching for Nora's name in the media.

She's not even a social type,if she's someone like my sister it will have been better.

"Wait he attends the same school with Trevor,dad's right hand man son, He thought.

"Perfect he should be the right guy for the job then" he calls his Dad line.


"Son" his Dad's voice came over the line.

"Trevor is in Diamond high he should be able to do it rather than me" Hardin said.

"Trevor? I will see to that I have a meeting now" He said and hung up.

"Hope he does. I hate stress hanging around those bloodlines, '' Hardin thought.

(Jacinthe department...)

"Gosh! Looking at his cute lips,brows, his Angelic lashes and curled hair it's driving me insane, Jacinthe blurted out and giggled on the bed throwing her leg off the bed.

"Seriously he is the cutest I have ever seen, Micheal is cute too but what if Ulan and him is something I shouldn't come between them,she thought.

Her phone rang and she picked up at once.

"Hey baby," Jacinthe said over the line.

"Sweetheart, how are you doing?" Ulan asked.

"I'm fine,she chuckles.

"Guess you are happy with that voice, what am I missing?" Ulan asked.

"Rmember the guy I told you I met yesterday thinking it's a kidnapper?" She asked.

"Yes I told you I need his name to investigate him" Ulan replied.

"Seriously investigating indeed,well we chatted today and he sent me his picture" jacinthe said.

"Send me his picture and let me track him immediately," Ulan said.

"Seriously Ulan! Stop that nonsense I found him cute" jacinthe replied picking on her nails.

"Seriously I don't trust any guy just be careful even at that if you send me his picture let me track his background for you sweetheart" Ulan replied.

"I don't want you to,I will be careful you don't have to worry about me," Jacinthe said.

"The last time you said that I rescued you in a human trafficking train jachinthe" Ulan signed.

"Stop, please, '' Jacinthe pouted.

"Fine, suit yourself, '' Ulan replied.

"Are you okay? Your voice sounds somehow, ``Jacinthe asked.

"Probably I was given a case on investigating on the Das today, now I have to work as a secret agent you know Luci is in our department" Ulan explained.

"The Das?"


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