Dinining With The Enemies (Behind the bar)
Dinining With The Enemies (Behind the bar)
Author: Babyfavour

serial kidnapper


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller



"Dominion Ulan" A well renowned detective official known all over South Korea, Seoul as the capital well she's said to be Korean citizen by birth but in all she grew up in Korean but it's stated that her dad is an American citizen who married a Korean lady.

She's 20 years of age, single,polite, beautiful and smart at the same time. Every guys dreams lady but Ulan seems like someone who is not ready for marriage anytime soon and lucky her,got no parents or siblings to disturb her to get married.

She has been assigned to a case for over two month the case is still ongoing and the crime keeps getting more interesting.

"Ash!" Who is he going to kidnap tonight?" Ulan said in frustration, dropping her sketching pen.

"What do you think about this? Here the victim is a skinny, white cheeks girl. Maybe he 'll kidnap someone with such description?" Luci, her colleague at work explained.

"So how many skinning and white cheeks girls do we have in the whole of Seoul?" Ulan asked and dropped her head down on the table.

"Seriously I have never handled such a case before. The worst part is,he is after girls who are not that rich, where we could have said he is going to ask for demand" Luci straightens the line on her forehead.

"His last kidnapping was at Daegu. He kidnapped a ballet dancer 19 years of age and thinking about it he has been kidnapping from the age range between 16 up to 20" Ulan points out.

"Cool, why haven't we thought of that? Micheal, their head of the department, asked from behind and she raised her head up from the table.

"I will report that and we will prepare for tonight and be alert. We don't know who or where he will target tonight but let's be alert!" Michael said and shut down his system.

Malcolm Micheal! Handsome hot dude the heir to Malcolm it's funny how he got to be a detective when he is supposed to be a CEO heading a company and enjoying himself.

Well he loves his job, No! not his job he is in love with being a detective that why it always came first in everything.

The Malcolm are said to be the second richest after The Das ' billions of dollars net worth and it keeps going day by day that way,the two families remain best of enemies and always getting on each other's nerves.

But Malcom Micheal has made it known to the whole world that he will forever be a detective and they should always forget he is a Malcolm when he is in uniform and he has only a sister, Malcolm Nora his whole life like he claims.

Ulan packs her things and heads out too.

"Hey Ulan," Blaine called immediately she stepped outside of their department.

"Don't tell me you have been waiting for me ?" Ulan teases heading to the change room.

"Well....probably, at least I have no more friends here than you," He replied.

"Lots of lies," she replied and went inside wanting to lock the door.

"I'm sure you won't follow me, right? Ulan questions seeing his leg blocking the door from locking.

"Oh sorry"he said and removed his leg facing the back and collided with Luci.

"Sorry!" He apologized.

"Oh save the sorry for yourself" Luci dusted her body like dirt was there and walked into the change room with a disgusting face.

Yes she's Das Luci,pretty long leg lady 20 years a model and a detective together.

More like her modeling is important than that of her detective profession though.

"What with that face huh?" Ulan asked immediately,she saw her face looking somehow.

"That ugly thing just used his body odor to collide with mine," she complained.

"Oh common stop that Blaine is a cool guy" Ulan replied and carried her pack back ready to go.

"Cool my foot and you know what you should consider modelling your body speaks beauty and purity" she winks.

"I'm off, you and your modeling career baby, good for you. I don't dress girly, remember?" She whines and heads out.

"Let go" Ulan said to Blaine and they both headed out.

(Das mansion.....)

"So you are going to make her fall for you?" Mr Das asked Hardin his son.

The heir to all his wealth like he always claims!

"Trust me on this you should know I don't make mistakes, wait till it is a successful deal and all their wealth will be ours!" Hardin replied.

"Good thing I almost forgot you are my son and will always take after me" Mr Das said and patted his shoulder then took the stairs.

"I'm home!" Luci said immediately she walked in.

"Who cares?" Hardin scoffed.

"You could have shut up and I won't ask you why," Luci replied.

Hardin ignore her, stood up and picked his car key heading outside.

He stopped his driver and guards from following him.

He enters the white SUV and drives off.

(Ulan department...)

Ulan stares down in front of her computer staring hard at the picture taken at crime scenes.

"Wait he performs his operation twice in every location so his next target should be around Daegu too! Got yah!

She dropped her pen and picked her phone up dialing Michael's line.

"Sir, I think his next operation will be around Daegu. I discovered he did his operation twice in one environment" She replied rather too fast.

"Head there now, I'm on my way too and inform Luci!" He replied and hung up.

She picked her power bike key and rushed out.


Three girls coming down the road on their way from school.

"I guess I will turn here" the tall one among the three said, turning to a scattered road between the house.

"Alright Nadia see you tomorrow" the two waved their hands and left while she took a U-turn to Conner.

She breathed out and started walking down the tiny road holding her pack bag on her shoulder tightly.

"Gosh I can't wait to get home I miss mom meat" she groaned.

She was still on her way when she heard sounds of footsteps following behind her.

She fastens her step and takes another turn when the step becomes too obvious.

She came face to face with him at the Conner she took.

"Who" She stanmer taking steps back while he comes closer.

"Let's separate here! Ulan said, leading the terms to another direction at the same junction Nadia and her friends just dispatched.

They started taking slow steps toward the scattered house.

"Here! Ulan shouted.


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