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"Here!" Ulan shouted but the did is done.

"He must still be around search! Micheal who just got there ordered and everyone scattered.

Ulan put on her hand gloves and started packing the student ID card,even her bag is on the floor.

The rest came back with nothing.

"Nothing?" Ulan asked.

"Just why would he kidnapped girls huh?" Luci said taking the student ID and checked her details.

"I told you he loves white girls" Luci faced Ulan.

"Maybe you are his next target then" Ulan replied and as the reporters are already there snapping and taking details of the incident.


"You are white baby girl and 20" Ulan murmured and went to the family of the kidnapped girl.

Nadia mom is already there in tears couldn't just believe her daughter is kidnapped.

"Ma'am" Ulan greet bowing her head lightly.

"Please save my daughter she nearly survive in school not to think of her outside for long" Her mom broke into tears.

"We will try our best please stay strong for her,I promise we will find her ALIVE" She console her and bend to the little boy beside her.

"Hey kiddo" She roughle his hair.

"You are man now and you need to always tell Mom everything is going to fine okay?" she said to boy and he nod his head in replied.

"Where is sister?" He asked and Ulan breath out trying to hide her tears they don't even have a shoulder to rest on.

"She's coming home to meet you okay?" She place her hand on his hair smoothly.

"Please find my daughter alive,I want her to be successful that why I send her to school with all my might and she promise me she will make alot of money for us" She plead and left with her daughter.

"Gosh just let me catch you first asshole! Ulan groaned.

"Let leave! Micheal ordered and left the scene for the reporters.

"For now we keep digging" Micheal said as they get to the main road where every one is ready to separate.

"Work hard on every clue till you see any evidence" He state.

"Okay sir!" They replied.

"Can I get a ride home?" Luci asked Micheal immidately Ulan drives her power bike out of sight.

"You should have go with her I can't go a feet near The Das" He replied and enter his car and wave at her.

She thought he was calling her to come but he drives off.

"Fuck! I will just wait for my driver,she groaned.

"What if the kidnapper is still around,her mind whispered and her breathing becomes faster that moment.

"He won't dare that!" She gave herself the confidence and wait for her driver.

(Malcolm Mansion.... )

He drives in,in his normal speed and walked into the magnificent mansion.

"Welcome young master" The maid and guard chorus.

He ignore their greeting and take the long stairs in speed heading to his room.

He didn't reply definitely because he had warned them not to call him young master but seems they are not ready to listen that the same reason he will behave he didn't hear them at all.

Taking a quick but cool shower he dress up swiftly and heard to the studio.

"Hey sweetheart" He called staring at her back side from the entrance.

"Brother" she replied and turn back dropping her guitar.

"How is work today?" Nora smiled allowing him to sit down while she gave him massage on his shoulder.

"He kidnapped another student today again today but we nearly catch him" He replied.

"Hummm,just a step behind" She replied.

"You know where he perform the operation too early today how?" She asked.

"Ulan discover he always do his kidnapping twice in every location" he replied.

"Why haven't we thought of that,that very true I wish you introduce her to me one day she is smart" she replied.

"Way too smart" he replied.

"Hummm" she cleared her throat.

"What ? "tell me about school" He replied rather too quick.

"Not fun" she replied Moody and sat beside her.

"Why?" He faced her.

"Student are starting to realize about me" she replied sadly.

"Guess I have alot of students to arrest tommorow " He replied.

"Stop please it will only makes it worst you know,

"I want you to ignore them and focus on what gives you smile,okay?" he said ubing her palms.

"I want to be happy brother but she's making it worst" Nora replied.

"Who I that?" He asked with raise brows.

"Enuice,I don't know what have ever done to that girl" she replied.

"I will make sure I question her tomorrow Nora trust me"

"I don't want you to,.. why?.

"Enuice has been my worst nightmare just few week I started school and I don't blame her because it's not her fault I'm dumb" she said tears already fighting to fall.

"Don't ever say you are dump Nora,you are not, you are the most beautiful and talented guitarist I have ever meet so stop it and I'm taking her for questioning tomorrow" He said and stood up.

"She right about me being dumb don't you think? Even my dad said it out loud in my face and you can't question her because she is the niece to The Das!,we all knows that you can't" Nora said.

"even if I can't question her,I will find my way to make her stop" Micheal replied.

"I really don't want you to do that,it will only worsten the situation" She muttered.

"Maybe you have to stand up for yourself" He said.

"One can only stand up for something when it's wrong but she's right bro, she's damn right "Nora said and stood up leaving him alone.

"jeez!" He said throwing punchies in the air.

* just wait till I have your time,what ever your name is*He thought and left the studio.


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