shut the fuck up

"I'm not going stay here for ever right? We have to find something to do about it so I can step out of this place" Ulan said sitting down,thy just finished eating and none of them have been talking to each other since their conversation last night.

It's just dead silent but Ulan knows keeping quiet won't do her anything good it's just better for her to say something cause she's really getting tired of it.

"I thought you like the pace why in a hurry now?" Hardin asked back pressing his phone attending to some important messages exspecially from his secretary,now that he's thinking about it he thinks he's going to keep the secretary after all.

"It's not liking the place or not! I need to get out of this boring hole" Hardin said.

"You think I don't need to too? I'm here because of you,you know that right? I just wanted to stay here so you would be save,I would have just leave but because you're here I couldn't and I felt like those mother fuckers might still be out there watching where t
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