9. Training

I joined the warm-up with Conner, Liam, and some other pack members, but it was hard to focus when I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched—the same I had by the river bed. My lips curled, and I tried to hide it as quickly as possible, not wanting anyone to notice and ask me a question I couldn’t answer.

It seemed I had surprised Liam when I managed to keep up with everything that was tossed my way, but how could he not be? He hasn’t asked me a single thing, never tried to explain how this world worked—only kept throwing at my face that I was his and nothing more.

They all paired up, and now it was time to shine. I thought Liam would stay with me, but he darted off with his friends. It would have been nice of him to introduce me, but no, that wasn’t in that thick head of his.

“Just you and me,” Conner teased, moving past me, purposely brushing his arm against mine. I watched him closely, knowing why he did that.

“If you want to ask something, just spit it out.” I sighed,
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