6. Voodoo


The cold breeze tickled my skin while I wandered deeper in the forest, not knowing where I was going.

My lips curled into a smile when I noticed the marking on the ground. Was this what Liam was talking about?

I moved as close as possible, following the markings with my gaze. This was definitely the border.

I glanced around one last time, checking if there was someone watching, and lifted my leg over the markings, tapping my toe on the ground.

I waited, listened, but nothing. My smile widened, and I stepped over the markings, scanning my surroundings.

I hopped from side to side, laughing while nothing happened until I was out of breath.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued my path outside the border.

The air around me started the change, and I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched. The sound of water running lured me closer, and I briefly forgot about my rising anxiety.

Jogging closer, my eyes widened, and I gasped. Kneeling, I let my fingers move through the w
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Ayobami Chikwe
Interesting Story

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