Falling for a John

Falling for a John

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Ashton Johnson is a formidable presence, a person who refuses to be controlled. With a strong will, unwavering resilience, and complete accountability, this twenty-two-year-old billionaire alpha male navigates his extraordinary life with ease. Every day brings a flurry of adoring fans, transforming a simple lunch into a chaotic spectacle. By afternoon, his face is plastered all over the internet, capturing the attention of millions. From the moment he was born, Ashton's life was destined for fame and recognition, thanks to his prominent family. He is the epitome of American royalty, carrying the weight of his lineage on his shoulders. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned a new bodyguard, someone who will be with him around the clock. This is when Ashton comes face-to-face with his worst fear: being paired with a tattooed, MMA-trained professional who is notorious for disregarding rules within the security team. As if that weren't complicated enough, this bodyguard also happens to fulfill one-third of Ashton's deepest desires. Lennox Burke, twenty-seven years old, has a singular duty: to protect Ashton Johnson at all costs. Anything beyond the realm of strict professionalism, such as flirting, dating, or engaging in intimate encounters, is strictly forbidden and could lead to Lennox's termination. However, when unexpected emotions begin to surface, the task of safeguarding this stubbornly alluring celebrity becomes increasingly complex for Lennox. As their paths intertwine, the boundaries that separate them start to blur, and the consequences of their growing connection could be catastrophic for both of them. The risk of exposure looms large, threatening to upend their lives in unimaginable ways.

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Yasminah Hendricks
AWESOME read......
2023-10-10 08:55:38
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ASHTON "Can you tell me anything about him?" I asked for what felt like the millionth time. Though I hadn't actually been keeping count, the annoyance in Perth's bite into his blueberry bagel made it clear that my question had died a bitter death at least five minutes ago. Today was the day everything was going to change. It was doomsday, the day when my already unconventional and strange life would become colossally more complicated. I could handle shit storms while single-handedly propping up the Earth, but I liked to have at least some semblance of preparation for situations. Sure, I had a real switchblade tucked away in my pocket, but I wanted a metaphorical one too. Perth swallowed his bagel before responding. "You want to know one thing?" "Just one," I affirmed. "He's your new bodyguard." I blinked slowly, transforming my expression into a glare. "Thank you for offering up the one thing I already fucking know." It had been driving me up the wall like a possessed Spider-Man.
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Lennox Fun fact! I am scared—if not terrified—of talking to strangers. Yet here I am. Standing inside the hotel room of the man that I just met. Actually, no. I have watched some of his series that he plays on, numerous interviews that he part in and even some of the fan made videos that happen to pass by on my newsfeed. Technically, I have known him. So…I guess it doesn’t count. “What’s with that face?” He emerged from a door. Now that he is no longer smiling I could clearly take notice of his cat eye that he’s well known for. The same eyes that Daow loves about him. “N-Nothing.” Shit! Why am I even not good with lying? The pounding on my chest even grew stronger. I wonder if he could hear it. Like how he heard my stomach growl on our way to the hotel. God! Why do I keep on messing up? His lips formed a smirk. “If you think that I brought you here to do something…” he paused for a while. As if searching for the word that he’ll use. “Bad, then you can find your way out. You’re not
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ASHTON As I left the J. Son Paradise café in my sleek red Audi, I felt a strange tension in the air between Lennox and me. It all started when I handed him my eight-page list, and now we were on the freeway, heading who-knows-where. Lennox was sitting silently, reading through the list, while I focused on navigating through the traffic. Paparazzi vehicles tried to chase us like old friends, but I skillfully sped past them. Lennox finally looked up from the list and glanced at the cars around us. "I should be the one driving in this relationship," he said casually. I couldn't help but stiffen at the mention of the word "relationship." I quickly added "platonic" in my mind, but the memory of my sixteen-year-old self, infatuated with Lennox, was still lingering. At twenty-two-years-old, I was annoyed that Lennox was occupying my thoughts in such a way. He was never meant to be in my spank bank. "Number twelve," I pointed out from the list, trying to change the subject. He locked eye
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LENNOX With my luggage in hand, I took the lead, climbing up two flights of narrow wooden stairs. Ashton, much to his dismay, had to follow behind me. I knew he would prefer to be the one leading, but for his own safety, I had to be in control this time. Actually, every time we were together, I felt it was necessary for me to take the lead. It wasn't just because I was being pompous or arrogantly asserting myself. It was for his own good, to ensure he learned to trust and rely on me. As we ascended the stairs, a thick silence hung between us. Neither of us was accustomed to such uncomfortable tension. You see, I never asked to be Ashton's bodyguard. I didn't apply for the position or submit any applications. It was a role I fell into at his mother's request. I'm open to change. I embrace it. But if I had known that one of my favorite pastimes would be getting on Ashton Johnson's nerves, I might have hesitated to take on this job. Another tense moment passed before Tony warned me a
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LENNOX Fear does not grip me, not even the looming threat of losing my job. For three long years, almost every hour of every day, I have dedicated myself to shielding his mother. It's no trivial matter. She is a timid person with an insatiable craving for attention from the opposite sex. Despite her tall, slender figure and delicate features that lend her an everlasting youthfulness, she attracts unwelcome gazes. Those who seek to torment her view her as an easy target. I have endured countless instances of being spat on, taking blows meant for her—hooks to the jaw, uppercuts to the ribs. I even broke someone's cheekbone while defending her and ended up facing a lawsuit. But he was the one crossing boundaries with her. I have confronted gunmen, knife-wielders, and troublemakers brandishing absurd objects like water pistols, bags of glitter, and even sex toys—anything to inflict harm. I have whisked Regina away from fervent crowds that posed a threat to her safety, ensuring every roo
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ASHTON With a firm grip on the steering wheel, I make my way towards the grocery store, multitasking by holding my phone in my other hand. Using a notes app, I begin listing the items I need to buy, but frustration quickly wells up within me as the automated voice misinterprets my words. It reads back a garbled version of my list that leaves me annoyed and shooting a glare at my phone. Sitting in the passenger seat, Lennox finds the situation amusing and suggests I brake. Caught off guard, I slam on the brakes, narrowly avoiding a collision with a white sedan. It's only been two days since Lennox became my bodyguard, and I'm already feeling the impact of having someone constantly around. My mind is scattered, my nerves are rattled, and there's a growing tension building up inside me. Specifically, it's sexual tension. It's been 48 hours since I last had sex, and even this morning in the shower, I couldn't help but imagine Lennox while trying to masturbate. It was a futile effort to
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ASHTON Six months ago, in the dead of night, Willow Walsh burst into my room in a flurry. Her face was smothered in an avocado mask, and her brunette hair was twisted up in a pink towel. "Tony?" she whispered urgently. I was still awake, so when I heard her breezy voice, I quickly switched on my lamp. Willow's eyes fell upon the girl nestled under my covers. Both of us completely naked. Willow winced. "I'm sorry. It doesn't matter," she said, ready to leave. In a hushed tone, I pleaded, "Wait." I jumped out of bed and hastily put on my boxer briefs. "Willow," I called out as I sprinted towards the door. The girl from the one-night stand drowsily called my name, and I reassured her, "I'll be right back." I purposely left the door slightly ajar, hoping to discourage her from taking any pictures of my bedroom. Willow was waiting for me in the middle of the staircase. Rodney, stationed at the top, was engrossed in a game on his cellphone. He had been guarding my room that night, gra
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ASHTON Willow rests her chin on my chest and looks up at me. "Just the two of us. Well, except for the two strapping bodyguards, the bakery staff, and your three siblings who will join us at seven." I had invited my two sisters and brother to join us later. "I appreciate you calling the bakery in advance," I say sincerely, without a hint of sarcasm. When I asked Willow if my younger brother could come along, her immediate response was, ‘I'll reserve the entire bakery for a couple of hours.’ Willow and I don't usually shut down establishments for our own convenience. We can handle the attention from the media and the public. But Willow understood that my brother, Blake, wouldn't feel comfortable with strangers around. Instead of suggesting we leave him behind, she was the first to offer a solution that included him. "Avec plaisir," [With pleasure]she says in a smooth, silky tone. So here we are, fluent in two foreign languages for completely different reasons. I won't delve into th
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LENNOX Ashton descended to the first floor. "It's only been two minutes since I last saw you." "Thirty-three," I corrected, watching Willow settle down on the loveseat and unscrew the bottle of sweet almond oil. I had a feeling I knew its purpose. I shifted my attention to Tony. "Security wants more information about the Camp-Away." Realization dawned on him, and he nodded. "You'll have to wait. I promised Willow a massage, and she comes first." "Are you giving or receiving?" I inquired, a mischievous smile playing on my lips. His eyebrows shot up, and he licked his lips, tilting his head slightly as he rubbed his sharp jaw. I smiled, feeling a flutter in my chest, but I pushed the sensation aside. "The massage, wolf scout. Are you giving or receiving it?" "Receiving," he answered more easily. "Willow is trying out massage therapy." She tied her wavy hair into a low ponytail. "If you two need to discuss the Camp-Away, I can wait—" "No," Ashton firmly replied, shaking his head
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ASHTON I find myself in a state of utter desperation. With every breath I take, I try to calm the raging emotions coursing through my veins. Is it desire? Frustration? Obsession? I stare defiantly into his eyes, unashamed. However, deep down, I can't deny that I've never wanted to obey an order as much as I do in this very moment. I've always been drawn to alpha males, those who crave dominance as much as I do. Most of the time, I get what I want, but the idea of being with someone equally strong and dominant entices me like nothing else. As I stand here, I can't help but imagine that person. And it hits me like a lightning bolt that Lennox Burke is the ultimate match. He's my bodyguard, a fact that my moral conscience reminds me of. It's the reason I refuse to let my gaze wander to his tempting lips or his imposing six-foot-three build. I don't even allow him to read my reaction for too long. I quickly tie the loose drawstring of my pants and then kneel on the rug, eventually ly
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