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"Can I kiss you?" All it took were these four simple words and Jamie threw all common sense to the wind. It was just a kiss. A kiss shared at a college party without thought. And this kiss just had to be the thing to turn Jamie's life upside down but maybe that flip was all his life ever needed. ~ Jamie Martin has always been tied to his mother's wishes without question. After his father walked out on them when Jamie and his sisters were very young, his mother became mentally unstable. He doesn't want his mother to harm herself but always playing the "good kid" has him feeling suffocated. Trying to keep college, friends and his good relationship with his family, he is torn between sticking to his mom's wishes as always or giving in to the freedom, love and comfort that is Higan Parker.

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Love it already, just the change of pace I needed. Keep it up dear writer
2023-08-30 00:16:10
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J. Tarr
Okay this book reminds me of Troye Sivan's "Strawberries and Cigarettes" I love it!!
2022-04-07 15:14:38
48 Chapters
 ×Jamie×"Catpig!" my young sister, Darcy,  screamed as she jumped on top of me. I flinched at the impact and sat up quickly as I pushed her off of me. Hearing her fall to the floor with a loud thud, I laughed. "Good morning to you too, spider monkey." She stood up and pouted stubbornly. "You're so mean. I just came to wake you up."I stretched my arms above my head and got out of bed. I was only wearing my pajama trousers and I thought of how lucky Darcy was to wake me up on one of the rare mornings that I didn't sleep in anything but my underwear. "Jumping on an unsuspecting sleeping person is called attempted murder," I said, making her scoff."Whatever, you lazy asshole. Just come down for breakfast before Mom leaves for work."I shook my head slowly as I feigned heavy disappointment. "That's another dollar in the swear jar for you, young lady. Damn, you're already filthy rich," I te
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 ×Jamie×I stood by Kate's car as I waited for her to arrive. Her classes ended ten minutes ago and I wondered what caught her up. Knowing Kate, she was probably socializing with her classmates and as much as that was great, I was in a hurry to go home. Unlike Kate, I was not free to socialize. It was frustrating but if it made things easier for my mom, I was willing to hold myself back.I looked around at the wide parking lot that had a large number of students talking to each other by their cars. I watched in admiration at a specific group of students that looked more lively than the others and wished that I was like that. Free to mingle about and have fun with people who aren't only Kate. I scoffed internally. Willing to hold myself back, my ass."Jamie!" Kate called and I looked in her direction. "Sorry, I was having a talk with some guy.""What were you talking about?" I asked, watching her unlock th
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 ×Jamie×"How did it go?" Kate asked the following morning, as I got into her car. "Well," I began and closed the door to the passenger seat, "she said that since I'm eighteen, I am old enough to go to a party to have fun and meet new people."Her lips stretched into a hopeful smile. "Really?"I gave her a sarcastic look and her smile faltered. I thought that Kate knew better than to think that my mother thought of me as more than that little smudge of Lord-knows-what on the ultrasound screen. That little flower bud that had to be carefully watched and tended. No matter how many times I tried, Mom would never let me go out with people that she didn't know. It sucked but that was the reality and I had to swallow it than let it choke me."Oh," She said as she looked to the front and started the car before maneuvering her way out of the driveway. Her smile was completely gone now and she had a serious expres
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 ×Jamie×I looked at myself in the mirror as I nervously swallowed. My slender body looked ungracefully slim in the black t-shirt I wore that was tucked into loose black pants. I topped it off with white shoes that sported black laces. Since I was practically leaving the house under a lie, I slid on a black baggy hoodie to make my look more casual. I ran a hand through my hair, trying to ruffle it up more even though it was already ruffled beyond hair gel salvation. Satisfied with my look, I went to my bed and got my bag that had some spare clothes, underwear and a toothbrush inside. I gave myself one last look before leaving my room.I walked down the stairs and rolled my eyes at the lick of conversation that I heard between my mother and Kate. "But school is so hard," Kate argued, sounding dramatically in despair. "Despite just starting, there is so much work and Jamie would be so tired. It's not like it
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 ×Jamie×I rolled to the side of the bed that I was lying on. Curling myself under the warm grey duvet, I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. I looked up at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed, whose digital glowing green numbers read 05:41am. Despite barely getting enough sleep, I was wide awake. It irritated me that such an experience would rob me of sleep but I knew that the fatigue would catch up to me later in the day.After running away from that guy at the party, I met Kate downstairs and insisted that we go home. She looked slightly annoyed but got guilty when I pretended to be super mad at her for ditching me. I did fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow but I woke up too early. I sighed. I couldn't stop thinking about it. The kiss. The way his lips felt on mine and how comfortable his hold on me was. I felt myself blush and buried my head deeper into the duvet, only leaving my
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 ×Higan×I parked my car in the crowded parking lot and turned off the ignition. Leaning back into the seat, I let out a soft sigh as the warm rays of the morning sun touched my skin through the closed window. Today's classes were beginning at ten and I was grateful after spending my late night on COD and nachos. I was sleepy and the comfort of the car seat was calling out to my sleep.Looking at the time, I saw that I had twenty-one minutes until ten so, a short nap wouldn't hurt. I decided against it and got out of the black Audi, pulling out my backpack, before locking it and making my way to the large doors that led to the hallway. Halfway through the lot, I noticed Jamie standing next to a short brunette just beside the doors. His blonde hair was in a short ponytail and he wore a baggy yellow jumper that hid his hands with denim shorts that ended a little bit above his knees. He looked breathtaking, t
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 ×Jamie×After a busy day at school, Kate gave me a ride home as usual. She parked her car in the driveway of my house when we arrived and we both sat quietly as the roaring of the car died, none of us moving. She wasn't even looking at me yet I felt like she had something to say. After finding out about Higan, I was expecting her to impale me with questions as soon as I found her but she didn't. Maybe she just didn't care or think too much about it. I was not ready for that conversation and I had an inkling about what she was about to say - words that were probably true but not something that I would like to hear. I grabbed my bag as I prepared to leave. "Higan, huh?" She suddenly asked, breaking the silence just as I was about to reach out to the door.I turned my head to look at her. Her gaze was forward but I noticed how she was trying her best to hold in a grin. "We are just friends," I d
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 ×Jamie×Saturday came and I woke up unexpectedly early to get ready for the day. I had already received Higan's address before I went to bed last night and to be honest, I was more than excited. This would be the first time since middle school that I've gone to another friend's house. A friend who isn't Kate. I made my look as laid back as possible to avoid looking too eager. A smile played at my lips when I remembered my conversation with Higan the previous night. He cheered me up and his voice sounded husky on phone, like he was whispering in my ear. I felt a shiver ran down my spine and I blushed. "I'm straight," I declared, giving myself a mental slap. I like girls. Guys should not think that way about other guys even if the other guy is a messily sexy creation sculpted by the gods with great patience. I zipped up the zipper of my black pants and run my hands down my army green shirt. I got my b
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 ×Higan×"Here," I said as I handed Jamie a plate with two chicken mayonnaise sandwiches on it. He took it without taking his eyes off of the TV and set it on the space on his left. "Thanks."I sat down next to him and looked at the screen to see his progress. Jamie watched the screen with intense concentration as he led his player through the field. His skills at COD weren't that good but I felt a weird sense of pride at watching him try his best. Books?They were abandoned after two hours and a half of studying. It started with me rolling a pencil towards him and him rolling it back. Before we knew it, our studies were forgotten and I offered a game. I taught him a few basics and how some controls work and Jamie was trying his hardest to kill the enemy. He did not strike me as the type of guy to indulge in such things but I could tell that he was having fun even after dying numerous times.
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 ×Jamie×Hanging out at Higan's place became a usual thing that even the people at home knew that I wouldn't be home on most of the weekends. I came over almost every weekend and it was honestly refreshing. Although I made it clear that I only went there to study, Higan and I also ate, played video games and talked about ourselves.I thought that things would be awkward because of the kiss but even though we brought it up in jokes and teases, it was easily brushed off. Mom didn't say anything about me hanging out with Higan. I was a little unsettled about how she easily accepted it but I was glad that she backed off.My eyes were fixed on the TV screen and my lips were in a thin, irritated line. My player got killed several times and Higan was having the time of his life laughing at my failures. "This isn't funny," I complained, turning my head to glare at him."I'm sorry," he said in between laughs. "It'
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