Internal Sin: 094


There were only a few enchanted stones in this world that could take the life of someone as powerful as my father, and one of them was the forbidden crystal.

It was not easy to obtain one, and for a demon, obtaining one meant suffering the ultimate punishment of losing half his life span. It was only a matter of time before I died without my wings or a source of power to keep me alive, but even if I only had a few hours to live, Father was coming with me.

Getting to the cemetery on foot was a difficult task since I normally use my wings or vanish to get to my destination. I grasped the stone in my hand despite the hideous mark it'd left on my palm from taking it from its resting place. The flashes of light and thunder ahead of me told me there was a battle going on; I walked faster.

When I arrived at the scene, however, I abruptly paused on my feet just in time as Ralph lost his wings and Kai unleashed a powerful blast that destroyed everything in close range.

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