L'Italia viene a Jozi

L'Italia viene a Jozi

By:  Nee_mo2  Completed
Language: English
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It all started with a debt her brother, Jabu didn't pay and it ended with his death. Forcing Nyeleti to sign a deal with the very devil who killed her brother so that she can avenge his death.What she didn't expect was for the Capo and the Mafia Don to fall in love with her and be willing to do whatever it takes to make theirs...

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I wasn't expecting that ending.
2020-12-12 21:39:10
43 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1I’ve always been different, always been the kind of girl
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Being from Kasi meant one thing: we were the workers and
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Chapter 3
“Haibo, sisi, shesha! (Hurry up)” the Zulu taxi driver shouted at me as I struggled to get a hold of my suitcase so that I can get off the taxi. The other passengers watched on as I was the victim of the infamous Zulu driver verbal attacks about taking my own time to get off the taxi and how he had to get to Marabastad quickly.  
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Chapter 4
When I entered the restaurant, I was taken away by the ambience of the room and the sophistication it held. There was this air of both opulence and relaxation. The fairy lights around the room created a romantic aura and the low lighting helped to set a bit of a romantic mood. There were round table and tiffany chairs around the restaurant with white linen table cloths and scented candles. The place was bare though and customers hadn’t been let in yet but a group of beautiful ladies were leaning against the bar. They cheered when they set their sight on my brot
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Chapter 5
I was enjoying staying at my brother’s home for many reasons but the main reason being, having a lot of space. Now, again, Jabu did buy a bigger family home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms but our family home was nothing compared to the five bedroom five bathroom home. The bathroom has so much space and not to mention the endless supply of food in Jabu’s kitchen. You would swear that he lived with an army of starved men, but it was just him alone. 
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Chapter 6
I was praying so hard that my current situation was only a terrible dream. I was desperate to convince myself that I was still fast asleep in the bedroom I had deemed to be mine from the very first moment I walked through Jabu’s home. I tried to convince myself that at any moment, I would wake up and be back in the safety of my bed and warm blanket, and I’d call my mum and dad and tell them about what I had dreamt of. Yet no matter how many times I tried to convince myself that this was all some terrible dream, my worst fears of Jabu’s newfound wealth and success were prove
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Chapter 7
It feels like a lifetime has passed and I’ve been kept in this hellhole all by myself. I stopped trying to convince myself that this was all a dream what felt like an eternity ago. I had tried holding onto that belief for so long. For nights on end, I convinced myself that when I opened my eyes I would be back in the safety of my home. I was even convincing myself that I must have met up in an accident and I was now stuck in a coma and this was some bad dream that would ultimately lead me back to life but that wasn’t the case. 
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Chapter 8
"Somebody help me!" I kept screaming as I kicked the boot repeatedly, trying to escape, "no! Please, help!" I sobbed hysterically, unable to get the image of my brother's lifeless body, blood pooled around it as they dragged me away and threw me into the boot no matter how much I fought and screamed but they lifted me like I weighed nothing.  
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Chapter 9
There was silence as he looked up at me and I raised the two guns that I had and aimed them at his head. He put his phone down but all I was looking at was his brown eyes, as he looked over at me. "Ah, Leti," he said my name with confidence and question, like he was testing me and my patience. "Surprised to see me?" I asked him as I glared at him, feeling powerful. He simply raised an eyebrow before he gave a slight nod, "I am...I really am," he just said as he leaned back even further into the seat, "you've...you've really outdone yourself." "Voetsek (piss off/fuck you)! I'm going to kill you," I spat, all of my self-control out the window as I looked at his calm and relaxed face and body language, "have you got any last words, bastard?" He blinked slowly, "I under
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Chapter 10
 It was like the second we walked through those doors, Leonardo became a completely different person. He had a wide smile on his face and the stiffness in his shoulders was long gone. I was both confused and frightened because I'd never seen anything like it. Until a chubby little girl who can't be older than five years old screamed and ran towards him, her arms wide open as she squealed in delight at the sight of her father.  I stood awkwardly and the guns hidden under the waistband of my jeans, felt like they weighed a ton. I felt like I was intruding on a private moment as I cleared my throat and watched as he ran his fingers through her long hair and she cooed in response, talking happily away to her father.  He said something to her before he pointed at me, "this is my friend," he said to her and she frowned as she looked at me before a small smile appeared on her face, "her name's Leti."  
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