Marvelous Mishap

Marvelous Mishap

By:  Vashauna  Ongoing
Language: English
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At 24 Reign Davis had everything she could ever possibly needed. Her sister, her daughter and best friend. But there's always someone around that hates seeing you happy. Having the worst childhood ever, Reign tried her best to impress her parents, but that was never enough for them. Walking out on her wedding, Reign headed on a journey for a new life where she encountered several Mishap and a guy. Love blossomed, but lies and truth were withheld. Will she be honest with him? William Winchester has the perfect family, he thought, a perfect life filled with perfect lies. One snowy night, two broken souls looking for an escape and one marvelous mishap. Perfect for each other but what happened when it started with a lie. Who really is William Winchester? Will everything be forgiven? Was it even real? The two were drawn apart abruptly, both facing many conflicts and trials that broke them. Can they overcome it all and find their happily ever after together?

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awaiting an update
2021-11-26 03:07:13
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I've only been reading a few chapters and I'm loving it already. Keep up the good work, author....️...️...️...️
2021-08-26 09:29:59
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I love this book. Beautifully written. Keep up the good work, with a brief edit and grammar correction it will be even greater. Wish it wasn't this underrated
2021-08-08 09:13:24
31 Chapters
No Bride, No wedding
While she stood outside the bare central wooden door, the moans she heard got louder and then she heard it, she knew who those voices belonged to; one of which was Victor's and the other she denied to believe it was actually her. Reign bent slightly and looked through the cracked door and to her dismay she was frozen on the spot. She scrambled away quickly when she heard them getting dressed.   The day after would have been her wedding, but she could not go through with it. She knew it would make her parents furious but for the sake of her daughter and her dignity she had to call the shot. The morning of the wedding came with a bang and a heavy thug at the heart. She was not hurt , however she just became numb after what she discovered earlier yesterday evening. Before everyone had arrived for the wedding, she walked the aisle and looked at the white chairs decorated with lavender and white r
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Every moment is a fresh beginning. Move forward. Reign left without saying a single goodbye to anyone. A fresh start, a new life and to embrace new perspectives was her number goal to achieve.    Dominic drove them towards the airport that night where the three of them left for Alaska to stay with his sister until Reign makes up her mind on where she will be living and is also financially stable.   ~***~   That very same night she caught her sister with her fiance, Reign called on Dominic, the only true friend she has ever had. He was the only one who never lets her down.    Dominic stormed out of his house that night when Reign called him crying. He a
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A Mishap
 The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain - Dolly Parton.   ~***~The rain fell heavily, making the car sound as if someone was throwing gravel on top of the car. The road was fully covered in snow, the path also was filled with fog and the headlights of the car were hardly any help to see. Slowly and steadily she drove in order not to skid off the wet and slippery road. A Christmas song began playing and she turned the radio up to a steady tune in order not to be distracted while listening to the song. Amber was buckled in the backseat fast asleep with a thick plaid wool blanket to sheet her from the cold.  Completely forgetting that her journey was going to be long and nightfall was near, she made no effort to buy snacks at the airport cafeteria, and thoughts of a hungry and moody Amber waking anytime soon caused her to pull over at a nearby gas station to get some sna
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Chapter 4- Trapped Trapped, like a trap in a trap - Dorothy Parker Reign woke up to see her body shivering under the sheets. There was no sign of the sun, when she stood at the window all she saw was fog as thick as a cloud. She turned up the heater in the house and grabbed her pair of bed night slippers from her bag.    She glimpsed up on the bed then went back to packing when her mom alarm in her brain clicked. Amber was not on the bed.   “Amber!” she yelled and rushed towards the stairs. Completely forgetting that she was in a short night wear that’s worn strictly in the bedroom or  if you live by yourself.   “Yes mama!” she heard Amber replied
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Chapter 5- Settled If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward - John Wooden ~***~ “Mr. Winchester, can you help me?” Amber asked. She stepped off the stairs and walked over to where Elijah and William were standing up. “What do you need help with Bambi?” William asked. “My iPod, It’s not charging,” she pouted and handed the iPod to him. After testing almost every socket in the house. William realized that there was no light. “There’s no light Bambi,” he told her. “I’ll get it fixed. Go upstairs to mommy and shut the door.” Amber made her way back to bed and cuddled up beside Reign’s sleeping body. “Amber, it’s fixed. I got the generator up,” William barged into the room. “Don’t you knock!” Reign shouted, grabbing the sheet to cover her naked body. “Damn! I mean I’m sorry,” William apologized, scratching the back of his neck. “Are you? Because you’re still staring at me,” she barked at him. She followed his gaze down to where her left breast was visible. “Are you drooling o
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One Agreement
You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree - Unknown~***~“You cannot open it like that!" Reign yelled at William. William jumped suddenly, spilling all the noodles on the kitchen floor. William looked at her gripping his fist and biting the inner of his cheek. "Why are you awake?" He asked. "Because my body is fully rested." “Sadly. How is it supposed to be opened? ” he questioned miserably with the roll of his eyes.“Read the label, smart guy,” she answered, the noodles that were still in his hands before he spilled the restm“Oh and you are cleaning that up,” he added. "Why did you have to be right? If only I just read the damn package."“Did you just say I'm right?” She gasped and stopped chopping seasonings immediately.“Yes. Is that hard to believe?” he answered under his breath, with slouched shoulders.“Please stop slouching your shoulders,” Reign commanded. “And yes, it’s hard to beli
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Chapter 7 - Healing Awareness is the first step in healing - Dean Ornish ~***~ “Reign! Why are you so stubborn!” William yelled at her. “Look what you are making me do. I don’t shout or raise my voice at women but you had to bring out the worst in me, huh?” “I just wanted to go with Dominic and Amber,” she answered, frowning. “And it was already there you just chose me to try and control.” “You can go another time. You keep forgetting that you can hardly walk,” William sighed. “How are you going to heal, when you keep irritating the bruise and your sprained ankle and knee?” It has been two weeks since Reign slipped and fell in the kitchen. Each time she was about to heal, she disobeyed William's order resulting in her being in bed longer. It was now the first week in December and William and Reign were still at each other’s throats, not as much thorough. He became sad when she started walking a little because he could not take care of her anymore. It puzzled him as to why he
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Past With Victor
Chapter 8 Past with VictorReign was far from happy about her situation, whereas, she had to abide because she could not do anything about it at this point. She hated every fiber that made up William, at least that’s what she tells herself. His behavior reminded her of Victor in a lot of ways but mostly with their usage of ‘power.’ From the looks of it William had money, and with money they all believed they could control others.~***~Shortly after she took Amber as her own, her parents were exploding, especially her mother. She did not let a day go by without telling Reign she stained their family’s name. Victor was the owner of the hotel in which she applied to be a housekeeper and in less than three months, he had taken a liking to her. More than just employee-employer liking. And pity Reign did not know that in this moment her life would change for the worst.She wanted to make a great amount of dividends to provide for Amber and send herself back to school. She was almost th
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Chapter 10 - DenialDenying the truth doesn’t change the facts - Picture quotes~***~They made their first stop at a haberdashery; Reign wanted some crochet needle and thread. She made her way to ask William something but he walked away when she approached him. What’s his problem? She asked herself. It continued throughout their shopping. When they made their final stop to get Christmas decorations she went next door in a bookstore for a pack of blank paper. Forgetting if ink was in the printer at the cabin she made her way to the door when the owner’s son stopped her.“Stealing from a book store, pathetic girl?” the guy scowled at her. “I’m not a thief. I was about to ask that guy over there if ink was back at the cabin.” she pointed but he did not look . He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the shelf and ripped the pack of paper from her hand. “I’m going to tell Willy. You hurt mommy.” Amber dash outside the store. “He’s going to be my daddy.”“Daddy? What daddy? Reign aske
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Awkward moments
Chapter 11 - Awkward moments I tend to be awkward if I find you attractive - Unknown ~***~ Reign’s Pov Ever since Chleo came out about William liking me; it has been hard for me to even argue with him. I still called him Willy Winnie the Pooh, but facing him was another problem. Whenever he was around me I normally tense up or choke on my words. So, I have just started avoiding him. Yes, I know it’s childish but what else am I supposed to do? It’s too soon, Isn’t it? I mean I just walked out on my wedding a month ago and during that period I’m thinking about another guy. Should I stop avoiding him and talk to him? No, it’s going to be too weird. People fall in love at first sight, get married and last but not everyone’s fate is the same. I’m scared of rushing and also scared of not taking the chance. What do I do? Help me, someone. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Reign muttered under her breath. “What is he doing to me?” He's shirtless drinking coffee on the front porch, leaning against the
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