Adrien POV.

Our day is going great so far, it's my husbands first day back at work after we got Madlyn, we were all worried about leaving her. Well she's staying with me but still worried about how she would react to her two daddies leaving her, she's settling nicely in the family, getting used to everything. My milkk certenaily helps with her regressing, even if she doesn't know it she did, she didn't put much of a fight to begin with, I guess my baby was just happy to be taken in into a better home, as all humans should.

We were sitting for now watching a movie, she was watching while I was busy fighting with my two husbands on the phone, Derek had a new case and he might be late while Jaxon had some kind of political dinner one that I don't plan on attending nor does my baby those are just boring and pain in the ass. I felt Mady go silent, she just woke up from a nap, I didn't want her to fall back asleep. I turned to her hoping she's just taken by the movie I had on for her.

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