My Happiness Lies With You

My Happiness Lies With You

By:  A. Ellis  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was an omega, a rare type of wolf and because they were so rare, they were sent as something that has to be protected and cared for, something precious. Not in this particular pack. No, they hated omegas. Omegas were seen as weak and a burden on the werewolf kingdom. She was treated like trash, like scum beneath their feet. Not even worthy enough to be seen as a normal wolf. She was the pack maid, cleaning after anyone and everything. She was as always on the receiving end of a punch, a kick or a slap. Always being yelled at. Even just for existing. It has been so longs since she had felt any love, or touch that doesn't bring pain. She doesn't think she can do this for much longer anymore. Or, so she thought.

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Kit Kat
Shouldn’t be locked at all but god damn I want to be Juliet! He sounds hot. I really wanna be her.
2022-03-31 20:31:38
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2021-08-06 13:26:18
8 Chapters
Chapter One: The Ball
Waking up to a banging on your door accompanied with yelling was never a nice thing. No one likes it, no one enjoys it, but what can you do when this was your life since you were thirteen years old?Groggily I stood up and walked to the door, opening it to a 6' tall man standing there. He had sorry blonde hair in an undercut and soft green eyes. He had thin lips set into a sneer, a look of disgust and hatred on his face."Good, your awake. Shower and get dressed. The Alpha wants you in his office."There stood Micheal Anderson, the oldest son of the current Beta, Jack Anderson. He was the Gamma, but had gotten the Beta position after the death of the last Beta and his wife.Emediatly after seeing who it was, I looked down, having made sure to not make eye contact. That would have just resulted in a lot of pain."Yes sir," I answered, waiting until he left before closing the door and letting out a br
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Chapter Two: Meeting My Mate
It had ready been a hour since I've been here and so far nothing interesting has happened.   I haven't talked to anyone and whenever it looks like someone is walking towards me, I would emmediatly turn around and walk away. I do not want to get in to trouble with Alpha Johnson.   Just as I was about to get another plate of sweet treats, there had been a loud stomping on the floor to get the crowds attention.   Turning around, a guard at the top of the starecase infront of the thrones caught my attention.   Seeing that he got the crowds attention, he started to speak, "The Royal Family has arrived. Please be quiet and respectful while I introduce them."
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Chapter Three: Playing Cat and Mouse
You know that one moment everything goes wrong, you just think for yourself, "well, I'm fucked" Because standing here, was the owner of that intoxicatingly sweet smell, my mate, who was also known as the current Alpha King. Can someone please tell me why the universe hates me? Did I do something wrong in a previous life of mine? Thinking of it, did I even have a previous life?  Did any of us have previous lives? It doesn't seem possible. I mean, what would I have even been? A princess? Adventurer? Maybe even a- No! Not the point! Concentrate! Okay, so I admit getting lost in thought right now wasn't a good idea but.... Yeah no, I don't have a reason. Anyway so, I don't want to be here, in front of this person nor be with this person or anything. So, I did what any other sensible person would do. I ran.&
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Chapter Four: Confrontation
We had breakfast, showered and now we're back in his room, sitting on the bed and looking at each other.   Or more accurately, he was looking at me and I was looking anywhere and everywhere that wasn't his eyes.   "Liliana," he said in a warning tone.   Oh yeah, did I say that in the time we had breakfast, we or well he learned my name and I was given permission to call him by his. Yeah I know, fun.   "Liliana look at me," he said once again.   When I still didn't look at him, he placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head so I was looking at him.  
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Chapter Five: Victory Against The King
There is a saying that goes, "You get back what you give." Does that count in this situation? Will Alpha Johnson and the Moon Stone Pack get back, recieve the same kind of torture that I had endured and lived through for eight years? Or would they just get away with a slap on the wrist and a "don't do it again". Hah! But just imagine it! With that saying there is another one, "treat people the way you want to be treated". Imagine if people actually applied that saying to their every day life. I can't imagine people abusing and torturing others because that is how they want to be treated. The world is a fucking messed up place and it sickens me to think that there are more people, children and adults alike, going through the same thing I had half my life, or maybe even fucking worse. I hope those
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Chapter Six: Termination of a Pack
"Fine" You could tell that it was difficult for him to say it, for both of them. I could see his wolf fighting for control, fighting him, not that it matters to me much. The moment he accepted me as his mate, was the moment he signed up for a life of hell. Shame. So, me being the dumbass I am walked off towards the packhouse without waiting for any specific orders. Yeah, I regretted that the moment I walked through the door. Do you know why? Let me tell you. It's because the moment that door closed behind me, I was grabbed by my hair and pulled up the stairs, through these long-ass boring halls, and straight into the Alpha's office. Without even one fucking greeting.  Rude ass bitches. As soon as the office door closed behind us, I was thrown to the floor none so gently, which for your information, hurts like a bitch. "On your knees." came a commanding voice from above me. Wh
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Chapter Seven: Recovery and a New Home
Xavier stood next to his bed, watching as his mate sleeps peacefully.He kept thinking back to what the healer had told him, kept thinking on how much his mate had suffered in the short eighteen years of her life.He hated it.Hated the fact that he knew there was nothing he could do to make it better, that this was something she needs to do on her own."Liliana is suffering from severe malnutrition at the moment. She won't be able to stomach normal meals, so I suggest you start her off with small and lighter portions, and then over the weeks add more and more until she can stomach a full meal," Healer Dawson said.Xavier took a deep breath, trying to calm down, trying to think straight and not let his anger cloud his judgement at this moment."Anything else?" he asks the healer, hoping there was nothing else, hoping for this all to be just over."Yes actually. Liliana wo-He was snapped out of his thoughts by the door opening,
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Chapter Eight: Date
Liliana was bored.Her mate - and holy shit her mate was the King - had left an hour earlier, having been needed somewhere else.It has been an hour since she'd been stuck in this room, with nothing to do and nowhere to go.Even if she was able to go somewhere, anywhere, she wouldn't dare to.Oh, how she would just love to go and explore, but she was scared of the repercussions, not knowing if she was allowed to go anywhere, to explore.She wasn't given permission, so she had decided to stay right here in this room that smelt so much like her mate.She fell back on the bed, arms spread wide and a groan leaving her mouth.Staring at the ceiling wasn't going to do her any good, she knew this, but what was there to do?Sighing again, she closed her eyes.It wouldn't hurt to clos
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