121. Save Me

Marko was still looking at me sharply, occasionally he gripped both sides of my cheeks with one hand.

I don't know what was in that man's mind. He could have done whatever he wanted quickly, why was he stalling for time? What does he really want?

"What if we do this? I will release you on several conditions!” Marko suddenly shouted.

"What conditions?"

"First, you withdraw your report at the police station, second, give Kenan to me!" Marko exclaimed quickly.

"What?" I screamed in disbelief.

“You know, he's not just anyone, I had a hard time injuring him! I've already sent several people to kill him, but it seems like he has nine spare lives. Very hard to kill!”

I gaped at Marko's story. Did he ever try to kill Kenan? Why didn't Kenan tell me anything? Oh, I forgot. Kenan never told me anything.

“Help me trap Kenan, haven't you two broken up? It should be easy for you to do! Just like you saved Violet by falling into my trap, save yourself by bringing Kenan to me!”

My tears just flowed.
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