Chapter 6

Current Location: In Kyles car

"Emma I am so glad to be working with you again, and by what Lucas said it is going to be so much more fun this time!" Kyle said with a toothy grin. I returned the smile" That is correct. Your job this time around will be following my cousin Ruby, sabotaging her and planting evidence against her. But the first thing you are going to do is follow me to the party venue tonight you will be taking some pretty incriminating photos of both Ruby and her brother Derek!"

"Lucas was right this is going to be so freaking fun!" I nodded opened the car door and stepped out. Before walking away, I turned and said, "Just remember you are not to be seen!" Kyle smiled and nodded. "Oh, wait Kyle one other thing I need you to figure out a way to prevent Shelly from coming to the Bachelorette party tonight by any means necessary. But she needs to show up for the wedding tomorrow understood?" Kyle responded with" darn so no messing her up. Of course, consider it done!"

A few hours later I was on the way to meet my mother for our weekly brunch. Neither of us enjoyed it and one of us always leaves pissed at the other. In order for me to keep my trust fund and my mother to keep inheritance this is what we had to do.

Before my grandfather died, he wrote it in his will that every week my mother had to sit down and have a meal with me, my brothers, Terrance, Aaron, and Stephan, and my sisters Amy and Crystal. My mother could not handle us all together so each of us got one brunch Monday through Saturday, my unlucky day was Thursday. We had to pay for our meals separately than give our receipts to his lawyer. The inconceivable things we do for money. Sorry I am getting off topic let me continue.

Upon entering the restaurant and looking around for my mother I spot her at a table accompanied by three woman. Unbelievable. I almost turned around and walked away. Sitting with my mother was none other than Ruby, Dede, and Shelly. I fucking hate this day already!

I walk over to the table and my mother beams at me. "My Emma is finally here I thought it would be nice to have the soon to be bride and her bridesmaids to have a lovely lunch together!" I glared at her and said, "Mother I will be spending all night with these girls I only get you once s week!"

Ruby looked from my mother to me with a look of hesitation" Dear cousin I did not mean to intrude we can leave if you would like." I shook my head "No it is fine. I t just was unexpected is all. You know how much I hate surprises." I faked a humble smile.

" Great now that that is settled let us all figure out what we want to order. Then we can chit chat about love and marriage." My mother said in a musical tone. She is lucky I did not jump across the table and strangle her.

For the next hour I had to sit and listen to these bitches talk and gossip like high school girls. Then Shelly’s phone started ringing." Excuse me ladies I am going to step outside and take this." Shelly got up and proceeded outside.

From where we were sitting, I could see Shelly and from the looks of things she did not like what she was hearing. I knew than Kyle must have found a way to keep her from the Bachelorette part tonight. Excellent.

After another five minutes went by Shelly returned. "I am sorry everyone something came up and I have to get going. Ruby dear I know you are going to be devastated but I fear I will not make it to your Bachelorette party tonight." Shelly said with a grimace. Shocked Ruby Said," Oh no this is terrible what is going on?" "I honestly do not know, but Apparently my sister is missing. I have to drive out to my dad’s place and help get her home, but since he lives over three hours away there is no way to get there and back in time for tonight. Do not worry though I will be back in time for your wedding whether we find her or not." Shelly promised.

Ruby looked worried “Oh my God that is horrible! Well, I will miss you tonight. I will make sure to take lots of pictures and call or text you after. Let me know as soon as you find her, okay?" Ruby gave Shelly a tight hug as Shelly said her goodbyes to each of us.

After another ten minutes went by Ruby and Dede left to go back to work. So, I was left alone with my mother once again. I knew it would be too good to be true if I could just get up and leave myself, but alas mother never makes things easy.

" The nerve of Shelly’s sister to choose now to disappear. And Shelly deciding to skip out on the Bachelorette party is just plain rude. She could have told her dad to shove it where the sun does not shine!" My mother sneered. I burst out in hysterics" Mother you are ridiculous! Some people actually do care about their family. You should try it sometime!"

My mother looked around in disbelief. " That is enough Emma. Well, I think you have embarrassed the both of us enough for one day! Now please excuse me and I will see you at the wedding Tomorrow good day!" My mother stormed off and instant relief flooded me. Thank God that is over.

After I left the restaurant, I stopped at the lawyers to drop off the receipt than had Lucas drive me home to get ready for the Bachelorette party. Before exiting the car and going inside Lucas pulled out a brown paper bag and handed it to me. " Your candy Ma'am

" Lucas smirked at his stupid joke. "Thank you, Lucas. I have fun diabolical plans for these tonight." I said before wickedly laughing.

I unlocked my front door walked in and scooped my mail off the floor. No surprises there just junk mail. O went into the living room sat down and pulled the ecstasy out of the brown paper bag and placed it on the coffee table in front of me. Next, I grabbed my phone opened up my internet browser and looked up what type of mixed drinks intensifies the high of ecstasy? After finding the information I wanted I got up and headed to my room to get ready.

Twenty minutes later I was halfway through getting dressed when my phone pinged. I grabbed my phone and saw It was a text from Shane." Hey gorgeous. Do not get too wasted tonight otherwise you will not be able to pay attention to the awesome heart felt "vows" I have to say to you tomorrow."

"Do not worry Shane I plan to stay completely sober tonight. I cannot wait to hear it. Got to go love you ttyl..." I definitely did stay sober, but I cannot say the same for Ruby and Dede.

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