Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured

Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured

By:  Guan Zhen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zheng Xiaoguang was a huge fan of online games. Although she did not have much money to splash out on the games, she had a big brother to take care of her. With the help of her capable big brother, she always enjoyed herself when exploring the gaming world.One day, his big brother suddenly allied himself with another powerful and rich player Bluegreen-Clad, the gang boss of the League of Strong Families, and married her off to this Bluegreen-Clad without telling her beforehand. At first, she thought gleefully, "Well, lucky me. Bluegreen-Clad has been voted The Most Desirable Husband and Most Desirable Lover by the female players of this zone. By marrying him in the game and going around with the attractive title 'Bluegreen-Clad's wife', I'll surely court a lot of envy." Beyond her expectations, she got a lot more than that. She quickly became the target of malicious envy and the common enemy of nearly all the female players on the server Watery South.Gradually, a rumor went around. Zheng Xiaoguang was stunned and wondered, “What? It looks like that I am not a lucky heroin of a romantic story but a vicious girl who has stolen someone else’s finance."

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121 Chapters
Chapter 1 Marriage of Convenience
If someone asked Zheng Xiaoguang what the most exciting part about playing an online game was, she would immediately curve the corners of her lips up 45 degrees into a smile and replied that it was being protected by a capable big brother. Zheng Xiaoguang's big brother was Blooming Pear Tree. He was the gang boss of the Matchless, which was a major gang on this server. Blooming Pear Tree was quite a somebody in this zone. He was a highly-skilled player and always at the top of the PK (Player Kill) list. He often splashed out a lot of money on equipment in the shop without even blinking an eye. He was not only good at protecting his fellow gang members but also excellent at fighting and slaying monsters in instances. As such, Zheng Xiaoguang always felt great during a mission. Nevertheless, this good feeling had ended abruptly last week. Last week, her big brother had "sold" her to Bluegreen-Clad, the boss of another major gang called the League
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Chapter 2 The Ringleader
[Private Chat] Flowing Light talks to you: I want a divorce. Upon seeing this Private Chat message from Flowing Light, Blooming Pear Tree was so shocked that his stocky body shook. [Private Chat] You talk to Flowing Light: No, don't act on impulse. Sis, come to YY896797***. Let's talk it out. A minute later, both of them got into the YY chatroom. Zheng Xiaoguang started by asking, "Big brother, did you hold a splendid wedding ceremony last night?" "Yes, I spent 6,666 gold ingots on that wedding and redeemed a packet of wedding candies for your character. How is it? Your big brother treat you well, right?" Blooming Pear Tree, the ringleader of the whole thing, said smilingly. Shiny Sky was not a generous game. A character above level 40 needed to pay 100,000 taels of silver to get a marriage certificate at the temple of the matchmaking god, and if this character and his or her partner wanted to hold a wedding ceremony, the
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Chapter 3 Why Does She Hate Me So Much?
At present, nearly all the players in this zone were around level 85. The most popular region for players at these levels to gain experience was the Countertide, as it was easy for them to find monsters in this map. The South Sea was a region frequented by players at around level 80 and seldom visited by teams who were seeking to gain levels. Zheng Xiaoguang had begun her game by sending her character Flowing Light, a doctor from Ghost Valley Island, to the South Sea before leaving to have a talk in the YY chatroom. She had planned to mine at the South Sea and see if she would meet a team who came here to slay monsters and gain levels. Once she met such a team, she would join them to gain experience. Unfortunately, she forgot to send her character to a safe zone before switching to the YY chatroom. "I was not robbing anyone of his or her monsters just now, and I'm not a red name. Why did I get killed? Wait a minute, this ID looks familiar." With this in mind,
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Chapter 4 God-like Bluegreen-Clad
Upon seeing what Baby520 said, Bluegreen-Clad hopped off his white phoenix and killed Baby520 easily with a move called "Cold Bone". [Nearby] Bluegreen-Clad: I thought no one can interfere in my marriage. Zheng Xiaoguang was really impressed by Bluegreen-Clad, although he was just a pile of game data. After killing Baby520, Bluegreen-Clad used his "Revival Talisman①", a piece of equipment brought from the shop, to resurrect Flowing Light and Half a Cup of Lovesickness. Half a Cup of Lovesickness said that she had to return to her stall and left, leaving the newly-wed couple alone. In the meantime, Baby520 went back to the city to resurrect herself and sent out Public Chat messages to criticize Flowing Light. [Public Chat] Baby520: Flowing Light from the Matchless is such a shameless bitch. She seduced our gang boss and deluded him into marrying her as her big brother is the gang boss of the Matchless. Shameless, shameless, shame
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Chapter 5 A Purge
After reading the Public Chat messages, Bluegreen-Clad opened his Gang channel in his chat window. [Gang] Bluegreen-Clad: Baby520, I give you one minute. Come out and tell me why you killed Flowing Light. Otherwise, I'll issue a Hunting Order② on you. [Gang] Baby520: We thought that you were going to marry Venus. Why did you marry that Flowing Light bitch? The Matchless obviously intends to plant her as a spy in our gang. Why did you even help her to kill me? What you did really disappoint me and all the other gang members of the League of Strong Families! Several other female players in the gang echoed. [Gang] Bluegreen Belt: Yes, we thought that you were going to marry Venus. [Gang] Vine Flower: Sister Venus treats us so well and never hesitates to help us whenever we need her. Flowing Light is not eligible to marry our gang boss at all. [Gang] Little Girl: Yes, we like only our Venus! Bluegreen-Clad thought for a moment and remembe
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Chapter 6 It's Lousy to Have a Low Level
[Public Chat] Bluegreen-Clad: I hereby declare that I have no other woman apart from Flowing Light. Many thanks for the Matchless members who have spoken for Flowing Light today. I've kicked Baby520 out of the League of Strong Families. If someone follows Baby520's example and insults Flowing Light, I'll definitely make him or her suffer. Bluegreen-Clad's words sparked a heated discussion in the game. His quick reaction deeply impressed members of the Matchless, who had not liked him very much before. [Public Chat] Soft-heartedness is a Disease: Bluegreen-Clad, you're a real man. I'm impressed. Now all members of the League of Strong Families are my brothers. [Public Chat] Half a Cup of Lovesickness: Flowing Light, your husband is awesome. [Heart Eyes] No wonder they envy you and attack you here. Zheng Xiaoguang exclaimed secretly, Bluegreen-Clad is always so awesome. "No wonder so many female players get crazy for him. Well, looks like it'll be hard
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Chapter 7 Flowing Light's Friends
After leaving Bluegreen-Clad's team, Zheng Xiaoguang teamed up with Soft-heartedness is a Disease, Mulberry on the Grave and Cool Names Taken by Dogs. Soft-heartedness is a Disease was a warrior from Dragon Swamp Island. He was eager to gain levels, but as he was still a student and could only play the game during his vacations and after school, he was still at level 77. He was straightforward and enjoyed fighting and playing all kinds of copies. As to his PK skills, he still needed more practice. Mulberry on the Grave was a level 80 assassin from Blackout Island. He was a quiet person and did not have many friends. Compared to the other professions, assassins and warriors were better at slaying monsters and PK. However, as both Mulberry on the Grave and Soft-heartedness were at quite low levels now, they could not take on many enemies at once. Besides, a low-level assassin was quite fragile. As such, no team would like to add them. They had been on Zheng Xiaoguang's t
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Chapter 8 A Melee (A Fake Title)
Baby520 remained invisible and followed Flowing Light for about 10 minutes to get to know her regular route. After she found out that Flowing Light always traveled back and forth between the upper-right corner and the center of the map, she stopped following her and chose to stay at a spot in the middle of her regular route, waiting to rob her of her monsters. When she saw Flowing Light running toward her with a herd of monsters again, she mocked in her heart, "Idiot." She clicked her Area Effect skill and robbed Flowing Light of her monsters again. To her surprise, she saw a Map Boss① running and making threatening gestures among the monsters. Receiving one blow from the Map Boss cost one-fifth of her blood. The other little monsters were not that powerful. However, there were a lot of them, and many of them also succeeded in hurting her. Seeing Baby520 being chased around the map by the Map Boss, Zheng Xiaoguang felt satisfied. She had taken many red pills
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Chapter 9 A Robber Acts Like a Cop
In Zheng Xiaoguang's eyes, there were many different kinds of annoying people in the world, such as those players who kept killing other players at PVP regions every day, those who snatched monsters from the others' hands, account stealers, etc. The people she hated most were those who did a bad thing and wanted to let some others hold the bag. Unfortunately, she met them in the game. The Internet had been down for a whole day, and Zheng Xiaoguang did not like an Internet Cafe. Given this, she could only log into her game account at night. When she was pleasantly surprised to see that Bluegreen-Clad had gained levels for her last night and her account was level 90 now, she received a message from him. [Private Chat] Bluegreen-Clad: Honey, withdraw from the Matchless and join the League of Strong Families. [Private Chat] Flowing Light: Ah, why? [Private Chat] Bluegreen-Clad: Some members of the League of Strong Families said that you deliberately pu
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Chapter 10 Turn Things Around
Venus Will Cry: I'm sorry, Flowing Light. I kept persuading Little Girl to delete those screenshots, but she refused to do so when she saw that you wanted to send some screenshots to us. You're our gang boss' wife and a member of our big family now. We'd better not make a fuss about such a trifle. After all, the League of Strong Families and the Matchless are allies now. Even if you admit that you did frame us, we won't do anything to you. Why do you have to... "Are you saying that you're trying to protect my reputation and I'm the one who refuses to accept your kind offer?" Zheng Xiaoguang smirked upon seeing the meaningful ellipsis from Venus Will Cry. The gang members started to discuss again. Vine Flower: Looks like someone has just rejected a reputation-saving offer. Wind Waves: Em, a green tea bitch? Big Fish Eats Small Fish: My dear, look. What a complicated story. Small Fish Eats Small Shrimp: My dear husband, we just need
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