Royal  Empire University

Royal Empire University

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The beach was crowded as it was summer and many families tend to camp and have fun during this period. A young tanned skinned girl of about eight years, sat on the sand a little bit far from her family. She had a darkblue hoodie on and a headphone over her head. Her beautiful grey eyes seem to shimmer as she stared with keen interest at the water, while humming a song softly and enjoying the quiet. However, her little peace and privacy was shortlived as a lad of about ten years old, endowed with curly jet-black hair, ran along. He stopped however, on seeing her. She turned to see the one invading her quiet only to see the boy staring at her. She looked at him without saying a word, holding his gaze. Time seemed to fly by as they both continued their staring match which was eventually interrupted, when another lad of same age as the boy came by. "Jordan! There you are. Come, Mom calls for you." The blonde haired lad said, looking at the girl briefly before dragging the other along who continued to stare at the girl from his shoulders until she was out of eyesight. "Hey Elle!" A little girl of same age as the grey eyed, called as she ran towards her. "Come see the sand castle that Rosalie and I built." "Jordan," the grey-eyed girl whispered.

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Kimberly Bryant
I hope the updates comes out soon it's hard to read and wait a long time for updates
2022-09-14 01:39:03
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Susan Young
l really like this
2022-08-11 03:04:09
85 Chapters
ONE: The Scott's family
DANIELLE'S POV"Grrghh! grrghh! grrghh!!!" The alarm continually beeped, making me jump up from my bed in annoyance. I pulled the duvet off my body as I angrily slammed the device off. I stretched lazily on the bed before standing up.I just got to sleep barely six hours ago due to the girls insisting I stay with them for sometime yesterday, and after finishing up some stuff i normally do on my return home, I ended up sleeping by 1:am.Speaking of the girls..."Shit!" I exclaimed when I remembered the purpose of my meeting with them.It's a Monday today, the day we are to return to school after the previous semester break. Today is also the day we are to commence the beginning of a new session and level at ROYAL EMPIRE UNIVERSITY, the most prestigious University in California and the third best University in the whole of America.Semester breaks are over and it's time to return to school. My eyes wandered to the wall clock once more, 7:00 am."Hmm, here we go again." I silently mutter
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TWO: Meeting the girls
DANIELLE'S POVThe drive from Los Angeles, great city of California where our parents reside to Sacramento, the capital city of California state, was awesome. I mean, it was splendid.I had gone to meet up with the girls as agreed at our favorite spot, a playground park in Los Angeles. From there, we had raced in our cars, although stopping at intervals to either rest or eat down to Sacramento where the Royal Empire University was located.Right now, I'm seated on my bed in the dormitory room three of us shared, with legs crossed, eyes puckered in concentration as I browse through my course outline for the semester with my laptop. My aim is to become the best and most renowned phytologist in America. I know right, such big dreams I have. I'd just adjusted my reading glass when from nowhere, Tania jumped on my bed. She does that whenever she's up to something mischievous, like right now. She have a silly smile plastered over her beautiful face."Tania, what now!" I exclaimed while rem
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THREE: The Idols
DANIEL'S POV I wind down my car window and stared with displeasure at the gate of the University I will be spending the rest of my education in_all thanks to my father.He had insisted that I needed a transfer from Newark University in New York City, to Royal Empire University and had even worked the transfer himself despite my pleas.According to him, I was lazing around being a model that I lost focus in business administration which I was supposed to be focused in. He insisted I needed a change of environment and school so I could be more focused. Though he said that, I was sure that wasn't the reason for my transfer. Few weeks ago, my parents had travelled down to Sacramento for a business meeting and while at the meeting, they had met with an old friend 'Mr Johns Caden' who happened to be the owner of Royal Empire University. While talking about the old times and all, my parents got to know he had a daughter few years younger than me and so Dad had suggested that their daughter
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FOUR: Queenbee
LUCIA'S POV I sat in my room in my father's mansion which is within the campus, talking with my friends 'Penny and Katie' about the love of my life and my long time crush Daniel, while having a maid paint my nails. Heavens know I have always wanted to meet him and be with him as his girl and so they answered my prayers sooner than I expected. When Dad told me about the plan, I was so elated and I had immediately given out instructions to those bitches never to near him or they will meet my wrath."When is he gonna meet your Dad?" Penny asked as she typed on her phone. "He ought to do that soon," Katie said as she bubbled the gum in her mouth."I wouldn't know but I guess he'll do that soon." I replied.There was a knock on the door. I guess it's one of the maids."Come in," I said. The door opened and a made came in."Ma...Ma'am," she stuttered head bowed. Yeah, the terror I had inflicted on them make them to be scared of offending me. And that's what I wanted."I give you ten seco
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FIVE: Being Friends
DANIELLE'S POV" you are saying you are in school already and will like to see me soon?" "Yes please, when you are less busy. You remember our last conversation right?" His deep voice boomed from the other end of the phone. Gosh! He sure wouldn't give up. I looked down at Tania's hair I was dressing. She sat down facing the mirror while I have her hair stretched and trimmed. "Jade, I guess you know my answer already. Don't you?""Of course not. I wouldn't, except you tell me. That's why I'm asking us to meet soon when you are chanced. If that's fine with you." He replied"Okay, will let you know when I'm free. But Jade, please you gotta accept any decision I make on this issue." I said matter of factly. "Elle, why are you sounding like this? I trust your decision would be in my favour. Will talk to you later." He said"Alright then." He ended the call."Jeez!" I exclaimed. Tania smiled."Jade again." She said"Yeah, Jade AGAIN!" I emphasized.I looked at Cilia. She was lyi
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SIX: At the cafeteria
LUCIA'S POV "But Lu, does this make any sense? I mean from what you just said that guy acted so cold to you. So how are you gonna win him over?" Penny asked, looking so disturbed. I smirked."Besides, you haven't said anything concerning introducing us to the other idols." Katie added, sipping from her glass of strawberry."You dummy. I've gotta get Dan to like me first before I can get closer to his friends. That's what matters right now to me. Since you brought this up, why don't you try winning Jay on your own?" I hissed slightly annoyed. How could she think of that at the moment."Oh common Lucia. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you angry. I won't do that again okay." Katie pleaded. I smiled. I can't stay angry at my friends for long."It's okay. You are forgiven.""Thanks Lu." She smiled."When you guys finish your drama I hope you can reply me Queen Lucia." Penny said dramatically. I smirked."Relax Penny. I've got this." I said confidently."But Lucia, I can't understand why
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SEVEN: A spy
LUCIA'S POVI turned once more towards the entrance before facing my friends."Lucia why do you keep looking at the entrance? What's with you girl?" Katie complained for the umpteenth time."I really don't understand what's going on with you. We know you are up to something but you've been so secretive since we came here. Tell us please what's going on." Penny pleaded. I smirked and was about to answer but I was interrupted by the little whispers and gushing sounds of students. We simultaneously turned to the entrance and behold, the best view ever. The idols walked into the cafeteria. My friends were so surprised but I wasn't since I've been expecting this all afternoon."Now this is what's going on." I said dreamily. They turned to me in shock."You knew about this? But how?" Katie quizzed."That's why you insisted on eating here right?" Penny added."OMG! Somebody wake me up." Katie gushed feigning faint. I grinned at their reactions. I watch the idols walk over to the counter."I
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EIGHT: Dazzling Stars Dancers
LUCIA'S POV"Goodness Luciana, you are awesome!" Penny praised proudly after I narrated what Wayne told me to them. I smiled smugly."Yeah, with this now we'll be able to know about all their activities." Katie said with a smirk as she fixed her eyes on Jay. They were still buying food at the counter."Girls when the idols sit down let's quickly find a way of sitting close to them even if it means having some students leave their table." I said with an evil smirk. My friends nodded in agreement."Look, they are leaving the counter." Penny stated. I looked at them and noticed this."Get ready girls." I bubbled the gum I was chewing.______ JAY'S POV "I told you guys this was a bad idea but you never listen." Dan grumbled in a whisper, though loud enough for Roe and I to hear. Roe chuckled softly. Of course we know what he was referring to. I looked around us and all I could see were many pairs of eyes ogling us though they've been that way since we came in. I smiled wryly.
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NINE: Elle's scary glare
CILIA'S POV I watched as the idols took their place at the table set which was just as the extreme end of the cafeteria few inches from mine. Just seeing then from this close distance is like a dream come true. They were extremely gorgeous physically than what the cameras and social media point them to be. Especially Daniel, he's actually the leader and most good looking of the three. But my real actual crush is Jung Walter Walker JAY. I'm a huge fan of his. I follow up on all his music and videos.I quickly brought out my phone and texted Elle. Immediately I hit the send button, I looked up to see Queen Bee and her friends standing before me and staring with contempt at me. I smirked lazily. "What is it bitch?" "Nothing much silly, you have to evacuate this table Immediately as my friends and I are taking it." She smirked evilly. I grimaced. "Oh really," I said sarcastically"Your father being the owner of this campus doesn't give you right to command me. Because the last time I
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TEN: Rejected again
JADE'S POV Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at the face of the enchantress who had left me in this state. Looking so beautiful and magnificent as her angelic grey eyes shone with so much concern that pity? No I don't want her to be that way towards me. I want her to love me just like I have always loved her. Really it's not love that hurts but those who can't love. I don't know why my stupid heart have refused to obey me. I've tried not to love her in the way that i do but my heart has refused to heed. The more I try to get her off my mind, the more I think of her every passing minute. Anywhere I look I see her. Her presence became a part of me since the day I set my eyes on her at that departmental function. My whole life seems to be revolving around her. I've tried to take her off my mind and heart by looking at other girls, being a playboy has just been my ways of clearing her off my heart but so far that method haven't been working. And Alas! Here I am. I've been r
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