8. Friends with issues

"Damn, someone looks like they had quite an orgasm."

Jacqueline greeted me as I entered our apartment with a huge grin on my face. Benjamin was busy plating cupcakes from the oven while wearing Gemma's very pink apron with a huge 'Spank the Chef' writing on it.

"I'm still wet, still horny, and still a freaking virgin!"

"You should let me pop your cherry." Benji was to my back and kissed my shoulder while he offered me the chocolate chip cupcake.

"I'm saving myself for my honey bun bun." I grinned and thank him for the cupcake, then let out a delicious moan as my teeth sink into the moist chocolaty heaven.

"Gemma has been telling us about that, I think you should write a memoir for all of your stalker friends out there. I can already see the outline, how to bed your object of desire." Jacqueline was quick to comment while scrolling on her phone.

Ben laughed, taking off the apron and placed the fresh batch of cupcakes. Then he was back to busying himself by making the white Russian
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