The Alpha's Desire

The Alpha's Desire

By:  Cynthia Johnson  Ongoing
Language: English
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None human has ever broken the magical barrier of moonstone pack in years, except for Melissa Ray, the runway high school student who just walk through the magical barrier today. Melissa Ray is a beautiful high school student, who ran away from home after stirring up a major problem with the Mafia boss' son, now she has found herself in the midst of shape shifters she never knew existed. Tyler Stars is the Alpha of moonstone pack, he's the most handsome werewolf in the region, every unmated she wolf dream to have him but he never involved with any other she wolf that's not his mate even when it's lonely, that was his vow to himself and so he keeps searching for his mate. What happens when the moon goddess has planned their meeting in an unbelievable way? They were destined together with unbreakable bond. Follow as they conquered their enemies together, as secrets about them unveiled and how their love blossom.

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Mary Wilson
I really enjoyed reading this book but I wish you'll update new chapters soon
2022-02-11 13:39:22
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R Soha
interesting story......
2021-09-19 02:55:45
3 Chapters
Glowing eyes
      "You can never have me, not in this life"  I spat out the losers blood out from my mouth and put back the little kitchen knife in my back pocket. I watched the almighty Derek Houston, the only son of the most powerful Mafia boss in Chrisville, holding his bleeding left arm were I gave him a slight cut with the kitchen knife and a cut on his lower lip. At first he was looking furious, then he let out a phycotic laugh.     "You are dead! You are so fucking dead Melissa"!!  I jolted up from the little dream I was having "Uhn!" My neck hurts, possibly from the way i positioned my head on the tree when I needed to rest a bit from the run. I rubbed my neck just to soothe the pain and when I felt better, I lifted myself up from the ground. I looked beyond the shades of trees and realized that it was almost dark.     "Perfect Melissa! You could have just endured the little ad
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My Desire
 "Please go away!  "I don't have time for senseless talk today Sophia"   " You keep pushing me away without reasons! I refuse to go this time". She stood firm, crossing her hands on her chest.  I sighed.  "What in the name of the moon do you want from me?  She smiled.  You could hear her high heels click clack down the room as she walks over to my seat, her red tight gown fits her her perfect curve as well as her complexion.   She has always been the most beautiful she wolf in Moonstone pack and I must say I have always admired her, not because of her beauty but also her confidence and she's the most intelligent one in our group.   "Tyler I want more than friendship with you" she seductively run her finger down my arm but I quickly stopped her finger as she was about running it to my chest. She closed her eyes as she drew in a quick breath before taking her finger away from my
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Alpha Tyler
"I have never had problem with sleeping, not until tonight!" I feel so edgy ever since I was shown to my room, I keep having dry throat, funny sensation all over my body.I sat down on the bed since sleep was not coming forth, no matter how much I tried to catch some sleep. I picked up my wrist watch that I kept beside the bed, to check time."What the hell! It's just 11:53pm""Gosh! This so frustrating" I groaned."The night is still long and I can't just sit and wait for morning to come, so I stood up from the big, comfy bed that I was supposed to enjoy for the night but for some reasons, I just can't!"I was not wearing much, just a blue pyjama set of short and top,  which is not covering much but I'm still grateful to Keira, Juliana's daughter, who lend me some of her clothes, besides it's just us living in this big mansion.Since I couldn't sleep, I have decided to take a walk downstairs, where the kitchen is lo
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