13-Silver Creeks Meets Their Luna

Luca’s POV

I had mom find Emmett and I matching tuxedos. I feel these will come in handy. We have white, black, gray, and blue. She also went the extra mile and got matching everyday suits in black, three shades of blue, tan, forest green, two shades of gray, a dark purple, and what Emmett called crimson. And special Silver looking tuxedos for our accession.

“I feel our mothers have conspired,” Emmett tells me, as we put on the white tuxes for tonight. They fit perfectly.

“Hey, as long as we look good,” I say, checking him out. “And baby, that tux is doing things to me.”

I grab his hips and attack his neck.

“We just made love for two hours,” He moans, but leans in.

“Just once more,” I whine.

“Horny Alpha,” Emmett does pull away. “Later, sir.”

“Not too much later, sir,” I nibble his ear, earning me a growl.

“You play too much,” Emmett swats at me, making me smile.

“As long as I’m playing with you, what does it matter,” I tease, wrapping him in a hug.

“Play later, your dad is probably a
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