6-Waiting for Luca

Emmett’s POV

I’m sitting by my mate’s bed, when an older version of Luca and a redhead, come crashing in.

“Luca,” the woman screams and grabs at my mate. I restrain myself understanding she must be his mother. “James, he’s marked!”

The male grabs at my mate's neck.

“Who the fucked marked my son?” His dad yells.

“James, calm down,” Uncle Liam says, holding James down. “He found his mate. He found his fated mate.”

“Where is she? Why is she not here? What kind of mate would abandon him?” His mother says, rubbing his head.

“I’m right here, I carried him here, I haven’t left him,” I say, in almost a whisper.

“Who are you?” The woman asks, almost in tears.

“I’m his mate,” I tell her.

I see Uncle Liam talking to Luca’s father.

“It’s not fucking possible, Alphas have Lunas. Alphas are never gay,” Alpha James says.

“Yet, here we are,” I say to him. “Marked and mated.”

“Exactly, where and when, would you have had time for that?” Alpha James asks, as Uncle Liam still holds him back.

“That doesn’
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