The Broken Luna's Sweet Revenge

The Broken Luna's Sweet Revenge

By:  G.W. Makers  Ongoing
Language: English
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It should have been amazing, my eighteenth birthday. The most important birthday of a werewolf's life. A time when our wolves finally appear and the first time we can identify our true mates. Like something out of a fairy tale. That was not what happened for me. Instead, I stood in my own home, surrounded by the blood of my parents, staring at their dead bodies. There was no celebration for me. The only gift I received was death and devastation. And the one who gave it to me was the one I should have trusted the most. My true mate. He ruined everything. But I will get revenge.

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12 Chapters
KATHLEEN   I should have had a large party, the kind that creates forever memories; laughter, dancing, and most of all family on my 18th birthday. My wolf would emerge, I would become whole, and finally be able to sense my mate. But, instead of gifts and cake, I was surrounded by blood and the bodies of my parents. Death was my only gift, given by the one who should have been my fated mate, Charles. He's ruined everything. We met at the University’s orientation party. I was a freshman eager to fit in with my human counterparts. I didn't know which college he belonged to, and when I first saw him in real life, I didn't care. He was so sexy. Tall, his form imposing over many of the students at the party, with dark wavy hair styled perfectly and a square jaw with just a hint of stubble. My thoughts crashed together, my emotions confused. I both wanted to connect with him, tell him my secrets… and run away as
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CHAPTER 2: Confusion
CHARLES   Blood. Blood was everywhere, my hands, my clothes, my mouth. I could feel it, but I don’t know why I was standing there with… blood? The stench of the crimson pools made me dizzy. When I looked down, my old friend Frank was lying on the floor beneath me, and his Luna Margret was a few steps away. They were dead. Frank's throat had been torn out, arms splayed wide. Margret looked as if she'd turned to run, hand still reaching for the staircase, her shoulder a bloody mess.  It was clear they'd been attacked by a wolf. I stared at them, uncomprehending, a headache pierced my temples.  Who attacked and killed them? What had happened?  My mind was still frighteningly blank. I shook my head, trying to gain clarity, but failed to remember.  Me…? Hell no, It couldn’t be me, and I would never kill them, never ever.   Something glisten
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CHAPTER 3: Rising
Kathleen I was lost in thought as I stared at the invitation in my hand. It was for the fundraising banquet at the University, and it was addressed to Stacey. That was my name now. Stacey. Four years had passed, since my life had changed. And Kathleen, who I once was, died when my parents did. I could not survive as Kathleen. I thought about following in my parents' footsteps, but it wasn't the right timing. I still had important things need to accomplish. In the last four years, I concentrated on survival and a desperate need to continue with my goals, working day and night. Now, Stacey was the real me. There was a knock that brought me back from my memories. "Sweetie, the stats of the last experiment just weren't adding up. For some reason, increasing the concentration of Varitus Serum increased the solution's potency, but not in an expected manner." Edward pushed his way through the door, a glass of hot milk in his hands, something he often did for me. He set it down at my
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CHAPTER 4: Revealed
CHARLES I woke up from the nightmare again, my head covered in sweat, my sheets twisted around my legs. I looked at the clock, it was now three o'clock in the morning. I closed my eyes again but all I could see was the pool of red blood. Kathleen’s parents were lying there, and Kathleen's horrified face. The same images that appeared in my dreams over and over again, uninterrupted, for four years. Despite my efforts I still couldn't remember what had happened that day. I'd tried to find Kathleen, but she had disappeared from the face of the earth it seemed. I also tried to talk to my inner wolf, but as time went on, my wolf became quiet until he no longer spoke to me at all, I could still feel him though, and he grew weaker and weaker. I couldn't sleep, so I simply got up and walked towards my study. The papers were still on my desk, and I glanced at them, this was what our company so desperately needed. I had to win this project. I would, too, because all my potential rivals had
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CHAPTER 5: Twice Met
Kathleen Leaving the banquet, I walked straight to my hotel room 1021. I tried to suppress my shaking hands, I took a bottle of red wine from the fridge and poured myself a healthy glass. Rotating it gently to aerate the liquid before taking a sip. My nerves receded and I felt more like myself. It had worked for four years, taming the overwhelming anxiety that threatened to drown me. I thought this would be easier. I thought I could handle it. But, when I saw his face, it took me right back to when I couldn't help myself. I walked into the banquet, determined to be collected, but my wolf had other ideas, she began to grow incredibly excited, and I felt him immediately. He sat at the far side of the room, at a table toward the front. He’d shaved for the occasion, his tailored black suit giving him a mysterious air. He was sexy as hell, as usual. I got a thrill of satisfaction when I noticed he had a shocked expression on his face. I chose to ignore him, but as I passed by him,
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CHAPTER 6: Rejected
KATHLEEN"Why did you kill my parents four years ago? " He frowned, trying, but couldn't say anything. There was a long silence.Waiting for time, I feel like it was all a joke, I was the joke.I was a fool to think that he would explain. I should have known I couldn't believe him. I’d seen him with the bodies."I'm sorry..." Charles lowered his head, not daring to look directly at me."Sorry? You killed my parents, destroyed my pack, and all you have to say is sorry? What for? Why did you lie to me? Why were you so cruel, you made sure there wasn’t even a safe place for me. I was hunted, Charles!" The apology was the last straw, I couldn't control my emotions anymore."Hunted? Kathleen, calm down, what-""It's over, Charles, I swear I'll make you pay for what you've done." I didn't give him any chance to explain, and I couldn't listen to anything he said anymore. I leapt from the bed.Charles tried to approach me and I instinctively took two steps back. In that moment, I didn't wa
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CHAPTER 7: What Should Have Been
CHARLESI was lost in her scent, her touch. Lost in the delusion that everything could be the way it had been before. How it should have been from the very beginning.I groaned with the want of her, I'd waited so long..."Why did you kill my parents?"Her whispered breath barely brushed the lobe of my ear. At first the words didn't register, they were so at odds with our eager caresses. But when she pulled back, pushed away from me, the dread finally sank in.All the doubt from the last four years rushed in, a tidal wave of uncertainty. A sick feeling took residence in my gut."I'm sorry," was all that I could manage. What else could I say? I couldn't deny it. Not when she'd seen me with the b
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CHAPTER 8: Proving
KATHLEEN The first morning of the research project dawned with a slow drizzle of rain. The pain of the mate rejection had faded into a deep, bruised feeling that I pushed down into the pit of my being with the rest of my emotions. Nerves danced in my stomach as I prepared myself for the day. I had worked for months on my proposal to win the partnership, but that was only the beginning. Now was when the real work began, and I could only pray I was ready enough. I'd stayed awake nearly all night going through my data and the work of my own lab at Med-Research Inc. for the last two years. Unfortunately, this morning I had to present it to all the team members. And while I was confident in my work, my place was the lab, not some boardroom. That was where I shone. I spent careful time choosing my attire. I owned a few business suits, but today I chose a professional looking blouse and skirt instead, pulling my silver hair into a tight bun at the nape of my neck. The drive to the profess
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CHAPTER 9: Vexation
KATHLEEN My success did not last. The next day my presentation was to continue, or, rather, get more in depth. I walked into the boardroom my nerves and emotions on high, to find Charles already there, along with a few others, and he had moved seats to the very front. Any closer and he'd be in the presenter's seat. I knew he was trying to intimidate me. Maybe to get back at me for what I'd done. He’d bought his way into the project through sizable donation. That wasn’t something they’d give up quickly, and so I was stuck with him. I decided to re-use the strategy I'd had the day before. Completely ignore him. Or at least, pretend to. My eyes kept drifting his direction, my heart speeding up every time they did. My plant worked, to start. The rest of the team listened attentively while I explained the logic behind what I'd been doing for the last few years as well as my most promising results. It was the tentative continued projection that had the others shifting. I pushed forward,
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CHAPTER 10: Secrets
KATHLEENI began my mission with a thorough read of the VNR - spectrometer specs as well as its supposed success thus far. I poured over every study, looking for signs of suitability. My only hope to have first crack at the machine was my willingness to take it before it had passed the final rounds of testing involved in the marketing, once that had happened I was certain even the resources of Med-Research Inc and the other collaborative entities in the research project combined would never afford one.The data looked good, and I was certain the machine would be more than suitable for our purposes, even in its current state of development. The next challenge was to convince the inventors to let me beta run the machine in a medical laboratory setting.Natalie had found a small chink in the spectrometer's production armor. One of the lead engineers had a wife that had undergone treatment in a facility run by Med-Research incorporated. It had been a success, but even though the treatmen
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