My phone was fried, and my hand went numb. I couldn't stop shaking it. Kevin noticed I was in pain and quickly called an ambulance. EMTs arrived on the scene and explained how the shock damaged my nerves. It temporarily caused my hand to be paralyzed. However, it will slowly come back to life. A burn spot magically appeared on my hand. Which was expected, they said. They gave me pain medication and wrapped it up. My brother joined after they left. "What happened to you?" he asked.

“My phone shocked the crap out of me. I will be fine.” I said as I rubbed my injured hand.

“Are you okay with this? We can g—”

Kevin reminded Evan about a police escort. I am not allowed to be alone anywhere anymore. The suspect has his eyes on me and could be in plain sight. Evan was furious and wanted to be done with this whole thing until Brandon showed up to calm him down. They both left the room with no drama. “Really, Kevin?” I furiously said.

“I’m serious, Ells. You can’t be alone anymore. When you ar
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