“Why does he work here if you don't trust him?” I asked. Kaylee chuckled at my words. There is a reason why she keeps him around, and she was about to show me. She typed some information down, and the upper-floor camera showed.

“When he first started here, he was just a normal guy who loved technology. Somehow, my workers got skeptical as he would appear in the weirdest spots. He would be coming out of empty rooms or the darkest hallways. One day, a coworker spotted him coming out of an off-limits room. Suspicious, huh? Brad is on my suspect list after the rumors I heard about him. He will be monitored closely.”

“Do the other workers know about this?? Are they aware of Brad's weirdness??” I said.

She smiled with pride. When the company goes on lockdown, everyone is on watch. Nobody is out of the woods and is now a suspect. The workers are not slow and are trained for this situation. They know what to do and how everything works. There have been too many incidents happening for Kaylee
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