I cleared my throat and had the assistant follow me to the uncomfortable seats in the world. “So you’re the assistant that jer- I mean Henry’s assistant whom he talked about. Nice to meet you.”

“Bradley, Bradley Fowler. But you can call me Brad for short. Nice to meet you too, Ellie. Well, I can say nice to meet you again.” He smiled. That was the same smile he gave me that day. But his eyes seemed more alive this time.

“How did you know my name?”

“I do work here. Don’t I? May I say you have a good record.” Brad smiled slightly and wobbled away towards the stage as I stood there, creeped out. I told the actors to go over scene fifteen because it needs some work. I looked over to get approval from Brad. He nodded and then examined me up and down. Why does Henry attract weirdos? I felt a beam of eyes burning my cheek; why? When I took a peek to my right, Brad’s eye was on me. Can I call the police if someone looks at me?

He chuckled as he flipped the script. It was like he knew what I thought. So, I scooted an inch over and began to direct. After two hours of this, I had to break people for lunch. Everyone decided to go out while I stayed here in the auditorium. With the murders happening, I can’t trust the outside. “Do you always eat alone?” Brad said.

“No. Right now, it is too dangerous, and where they are going, I don’t want to.” I returned to my lunch and chose to ignore him for the rest of this peacefulness. But, he wanted to keep the conversation and explain how he doesn’t like being around people as they can be unrealistic. Speak for himself.

Out of nowhere, he told me how pretty I was and how my work was extraordinary beyond comparison. I quickly turned around because I was blushing like crazy, and don’t know why. When I glanced back, he was blushing, too, with his dull eyes. I tried to get back to work without causing a scene. After the break, the rest of the day went back fast. I never thought it would end as we did nine hours of rehearsing. Everyone was exhausted at this point. I headed back to the dressing room, thinking about the whole day. It was awkward as hell. However, I see why Henry does not bring him around– something is off about him.

~ Brad ~

My eyes were glued on to Ellie as she was leaving the building. I gathered my stuff and headed home; I hummed down the street as I strolled along. The sky was clear, but the air was thick. Good thing I wore a mask today because this air wasn’t helping my lungs. Before entering the house, I dropped by my second job for something. I work at a junkyard during the night or times I get a day off. It helps pay these crazy bills. I could not step inside without my staff member running up to me. “Did you get it?” My co-worker said as he bounced up and down.

“Easy there, Minho. Let me relax first before attending to your addiction.” I said as I threw my shit on the chair and snatched some items. “This will last for a while, but do remember, don’t overdose on it.”

Like a crazy schoolgirl, he nodded. I checked the laptop on my desk while switching on the camera. There they were, my beautiful girls, waiting for their kick. My tongue glides across my lips. They looked so delicious. I grabbed Minho before he went down. “Make sure Jennie gets extra. She has been really talkative lately. I don’t like when they speak when I’m doing my business.”

“Yes, sir,” Minho said while doing a little dance.

I stared blankly at my co-worker as he left. I headed to my area and turned on the lights. This place was full of monitors and computers. This is where I keep a very close eye on my products. While I was lying back in the chair, Minho popped on the screen. What the hell is he doing?? I glanced at the cell cameras; the girls were afraid as he approached. His hands were sliding up and down on something. I know he is not— when I looked closer, the hand moved rapidly. He was pleasuring himself in front of my women. He won’t have to die if he does not touch them.

I continued to watch right when I said that he was touching Jennie. Furious, I knocked my chair back and headed down there. He wasn’t ready for what I had in store for him. When he was in my sight, I yanked him by the shirt so fast that he flew backward. Jennie’s screams roared throughout the dungeon.

I slammed the cell door shut. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! One day I will sew that pretty little mouth of yours together. If you don’t want that to happen, then shut up.” I whipped my head towards Minho. I took him by the throat and slammed him against the wall. “What did I say about touching them? You are only allowed when I tell you but otherwise, that... DON’T FUCKING TOUCH!”

“I-I- have to g-give the-them shots.” He struggled to speak.

“You know what I mean, Minho.” I toss him down. He fell on the steel table. He rubbed his back as he gradually got up.

“I’m sorry, Brad. I couldn’t resist. Jennie is just tasty. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her.”

Crossing my arms in annoyance, I gave Minho a break this time. If he needs to relieve himself that badly, I would let him do so. His face lit up as you can hear whimpers from Jennie’s cell. She hides in the corner of her bed to prevent anything from happening to her. Minho opens the cell door and approaches the scared girl. I grabbed a chair to watch the scene unfold.

Minho kisses her forehead. One thing that I liked was that he was gentle with the girls. His hands slid against Jennie’s back as he brought her closer to him. The clothes began to come off one by one.

Minho fingered Jennie, she tried to hold back her moans, but they leaked out with every stroke. “You like that baby girl,” Minho said as he sucked on her boobs. You can hear a ‘squish’ sound as he pumps back and forth in Jennie’s womanhood. She struggled to get Minho off, but he pressed hard to pin her.

He lifted her arms and tied them onto the post. Screaming in pain, Minho climbed over her, still rubbing her clit. After a while, he licked his fingers. “You taste so good. Now that you are ready, it’s time for him to enter you.”

More struggles occurred as he unzipped his hands. Spreading her legs wide, he entered her. She screamed in pain as he ‘popped’ her cherry. At first little strokes were made, but I told him to go faster. You can see on my face that jealousy rolled in. I was supposed to take her virginity. But Minho needed to be released, and I can’t be greedy. The bed shook as his moves became faster. Her screams became moans.

“I see you starting to like it, Jennie,” I said.

“Noo! Please, it hurts... please stop!”

“He will stop once he finishes inside of you.” Her eyes widen as she makes contact with my dull ones. Minho moans were heard as well. Legs went around him due to him pressing his body against hers. The strokes became deeper, hitting her g-spot. The other prisoner leaned on the bars, trying to see what was happening. Biting his lower lips, I looked over at her. “You want some too, baby girl?”

Shaking her head, she backed up from the doors. The chains rattled as she sat on the bed. Without noticing, the doors opened, and the girl pleaded for her life. “No, please... I’m sorry for looking; I just.”


“This is why we give you this drug. It’s for you to keep that mouth closed, but I want that mouth to attend to this.” I pointed to the erection. Both girls were pleasing people who have sick minds.

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