I had an exciting day at work. As I left the building, the police were roaming certain areas like madmen. They are stopping people out of thin air. I couldn't even step out of the building before I was stopped. "Excuse me, have you seen anything unusual here in the last hour?" the officer asked. 

"No. I was at work most of the day. Sorry that I can not be of any help." I said. The officer smiled and walked away. Good, now I continue to head home in peace. As I turned the corner, the two crime scenes caught my eye. Who would do such a thing, especially this close to one another? Holy shit, it was giving me the chills. What kind of feeling was this?? Out of nowhere, I picked up a rubber glove. Blood stains appear on it. Who would leave this around?? 

"HEY!" a voice rang out into the air. I jerked slightly from the voice; I released the glove in my hand. 

"What are you doing here?" the stranger said.

"Nothing, officer... Kevin? Thought you had the day off today?" I said as I relaxed my body from tension. He got called in for an emergency and had no choice but to take the shift. Before he started the small talk, he asked again about what I was doing there.

The apartment is three steps away, and I couldn't resist searching the crime scene since Brandon told me. "So, what happened over there?" I asked.

"A woman was spotted stumbling down this street. Witnesses said she stopped to rest and didn't mind her. Not a moment later, screams were heard, and she vanished. When they went to investigate– nothing was there. There was no evidence left behind."

How did they take a woman without leaving a trail?? No footprints or a sign of struggle?? Either they were prepared or knew this neighborhood well enough to hide. Kevin wanted to make sure I kept an eye out for Ellie. The person is targeting women who have the same features as her. Every girl must be cautious. Ellie must have an escort with her.

"That won't be a problem. I can walk her home during my breaks. We don't work that far from each other, plus they wouldn't mind."

His eyes steered off for a second as he shouted to his co-worker. Did something catch his attention?? He told me it was a good idea and walked away. The glove I found disappeared and ended up in another detective's hand– when did he swipe that from me?? After that, I made it home with confusion on my face. I shouted for Ellie, who was in the living room laughing with someone. I peeked around the corner to see Nate and her rolling on the couch. "What the hell is going on?" I raise an eyebrow, making a weird expression.

"Welcome home, bi-big brother." Ellie wobbled as she got up. She took one step and tripped over her foot, but Nate caught her by the waist. 

"She got a little drunk. I hope you are not mad." Nate chuckled with nervousness. I wasn't mad but furious. When Ellie gets drunk, it is like a storm brewing. She will tell every detail about our daily lives and shouldn't be telling. I was pissed the fuck off when she got drunk for the first time around our parents. I wanted to beat the living shit out of her. 

Nate couldn't believe how bad Ellie could get when drinking a few glasses of wine. He took the glass out of her hand while keeping her up. I wondered what stories he had… But I shouldn't instigate. I went to clean up the bottles until Ellie stopped with her mouth. 

"D-did you know th-at Nate only got the job at the theater because he fucked Eunha. The owner got mad b-but Eunha liked him and wanted him there. Pl-us of his dance skills." Ellie hiccups on every word. 

Holy shit! He fucked Eunha?? What the fuck!! I ended up laughing as that was unexpected. Who didn't want to mess around with her, I did at some point, but nobody will ever know–

"You shouldn't be laughing. You wanted to do it as well, twin brother." She fell on Nate's lap. Good, because I was going to shove her off. Nate's face when he realized what my drunk sister said. He was shocked as well. He has to admit that Eunha is cute, rich, and straightforward. Who didn't want her and work for that company? 

Shaking his head, he wrapped his arms around Ellie and lay his head on her back. "Evan, don't be embarrassed; even I wanted to fuck her, but sh-she a bitch. That's why her rich da-daddy is cutting her off soon." She hiccuped again, but a burp came after that. "I need a bucket." Ellie leaned over. I snatched a trash can from the kitchen and pushed it in front of her. As she curled her dinner, Nate patted her back for comfort. Yep, time for bed. Carrying her in my arms, I put her in the room and closed the door. Nate cleaned himself before exiting. 


~ Ellie ~ 

Ugh, my head is pounding like a hammer. What happened last night? What did I drink? I only had two glasses… didn't I? Once everything was cleared, I got up and showered. I don't know why I was headed to work after puking up a storm in the shower; then, I remembered that I needed the money. The streets were crowded like it was time square in New York. I have never seen so many people in the morning. I went to my favorite cafe to calm my stomach and heal my head. Once I got my order, I headed toward work, dreading what would come. My co-workers surrounded me like bees. "Ellie!" my co-workers shouted together. 

"Guys, first of all, back up. Second of all, I haven't even clocked in yet. Just give me a minute." I pushed past my colleagues to get settled in. 

"The backdrop for scene nineteen is damaged because someone didn't watch what they were doing, Nate." A worker said.

How is that my problem?? That wasn't my department, so why is she telling me this?? I explained to her about going to the leader. But she didn't want to deal with it because I would freak out badly when something was not ready to be seen. I calmed everyone down and told them to give me a min while I clock in. The crowd went their ways as I headed to the dressing rooms. Out of nowhere, more people gather around me. "GUYS!!" I whined. "Personal fucking space, whatever you are complaining about goes to the leader of that specific team, not me." 

"We would if they knew what to do. Henry is not here to give out directions to the leaders. Since you are second in command, you must figure out the schedule today." Eunha explained while hiding behind her mirror. 

"What do you mean Henry isn't here?" I said in an angry tone. 

"He called off today and left a note on your desk."

Taking the note, I read the sloppy handwriting. 

Ells, due to an accident that happened. I won't be in today, I left the schedule in your hands, and my assistant will be helping with rehearsal. Call me when something occurs. Love, Henry. 

Slamming the paperback on my desk, I screamed in my head. I snatched the folders and went outside. "Pff, assistant. The same assistant that we never see. ATTENTION EVERYONE, REHEARSAL WILL START IN TEN MINUTES! I NEED ALL ACTORS AND WORKERS IN STAGE TWO PLEASE!"

John came rushing in, almost knocking me down. Has everyone gone insane today?? I brushed myself off and asked what was the problem. For some odd reason, the leaders wanted to talk to me before rehearsal. Henry picked leaders for a reason; however, they all are useless. I headed to stage two. When the door opened, I saw that the leaders were surrounding someone. "Listen up, everyone!"

The team lined up when they heard my voice. But there was one person who was searching around in confusion. I ignored that person and told the leaders their jobs for today. They must fix the problems that are occurring in their department. I need more time for this as I have my situation to fix with lighting. Out of nowhere, the guy I ignored angrily walked towards me. As he got closer, my eyes got smaller. Hold up. Isn't he– 

My eyes sparkled when I saw this decent-looking guy in front of me with that blank angry stare. But isn't this the guy that picked up my chair at the station?? Why is he here???

Wait. Don't tell me that he's Henry's assistant. This guy. Out of all people, why him?? I facepalm without actually doing it. We are partners until Henry comes back. Wish me luck. 

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