After work, I walked to Evan's job, and as I was walking, I was stopped by some cops. "Excuse me, miss?" the officer said as he rolled down the window.

"I haven't seen anything or anyone, officer. I just got off of work."

The officer laughed, "I wouldn't ask you about that. I was going to ask you if you like a ride. It's dangerous for you to walk alone after 6." He smiled.

"That's okay; I can handle myself. I'm headed to my brother's job, which is right there. But thanks for the offer."

"Of course, but for now on, have your brother come and pick you up. We have issued a missing woman report, and we need you to be cautious." The officer kept his eyes on me as he rolled up the window. A missing person?? That is too many people this month. I shook my head in disappointment and continued my walk. As I got closer, I texted my brother.

The Annoying One: I'm here; come down to the lobby so we can leave.

Big Head: Just come up; I have two more meetings before going home.

He told me that
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