~ Kevin ~

I woke up the following day fresh and calm. It was going to be a good day. When I got to work, I limped to my desk, and you could hear my back crack as I sat down. Ouch. She did it too hard last night. "What happened to you?" a co-worker pointed out.

"Had a wild night with my girlfriend. We both had some stress that needed to be taken care of."

"Shit, at least you get some ass. I am just sitting there while she talks on the phone. Anyways, you asked to bring Henry in? For what?" He asked as he got up from his desk. "Don't we already have a description of her?"

"You will see. I want to talk to him about something." I said while tapping my desk while sipping on my coffee. Ten minutes rolled by, and an officer with Henry behind him came. His face was blank, and his eyes were dark. I took a tissue and handed it to him. Has he been crying?

I did not know why I asked because I knew he was missing his wife. He answered with a sarcastic comment. I was doing my job; no need for the
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